Analyzing Love Breakup in Horoscope

Love breakup and Separation in Horoscope

Heartbreaks are so common. What planetary combination are indicative of this?

When 5th Lord is associated with 8th house, 8th lord, 12 house, 12th lord or nakshatras of 8thand 12th house, the possibility of problems in love relationship increases. Benefic aspect of Jupiter does help reduce the problems. But without the benefic aspect, problems are sure to crop up.

If the 5th and 8th lord OR 5th and 12th lord exchange places (Parivartan yoga/Anonya yoga), the possibility of love breakup decreases. As both the planets have exchanged places, they keep each other in control.

Timing issues in relationship:

Kundali for both the people involved in the relationship should be judged to see the relationship. Vimshottati dasha and Gocharplanets are studied in both kundalis to see how the relationship is. For blissful relationship, both Gochar and Vimshottari dasha should be favorable.

–          Vimshottari dasha or 5th Lord, lagna lord are favourable for falling in love. Vimshottari Mahadasha, Antarsha, Vidsha of malefics, when they are associated with 5th house of 5th lord, play spoilsport.

–          Gochar Saturn’s 7th or 10th aspect on 5th house or 5th lord also creates tensions in relations. Gochar Saturn travelling the 5th house can also gives similar result.

–          Gochar Mars or Uranus aspecting the 5th house or 5th lord creates disagreements in Love relationship.

–          Benefic aspect of natal Jupiter or gochar Jupiter on 5th house or 5th lord can reduce the issues. 

–          When Natal Neptune or gochar Neptune is aspecting 5th house or 5th lord, the person my be duped.