Graha Karakatwa

Every planet is assigned a certain responsibilities. This is called the karakatwa of that graha.

While analyzing a horoscope, the position, yogas and state of the karak graha is also analyzed. 

For example: Jupiter is the karaka for children. Hence,  while analyzing ‘children’ in a horoscope, along with the 5th house and divisional chart, the planet responsible for ‘children’ i.e. Jupiter is also analyzed. . 

Karakatwas of Planets (Grahas)

1SunFather, Elder Brother, Position in Society, Ruling Party, King,  Promotion, Showoff
2MoonEmotions, Mother, Water Related
3MarsArmy, Siblings, Land, Property, House, Surgery, Husband
4MercuryIntelligence, Speech, Business, Math Ability, Maternal Uncle
5JupiterChildren, Rich people in society, Education, Religion
6VenusBeauty, Wife, Art, Artists,  Enjoyment, Love, Mantra Study 
7SaturnGrandfather, Research, Lower Strata in Society, LifeSpan 
8RahuSuccess, Enjoyment (Upabhog)
9KetuTurning away from Enjoyment (Virakti )
10UranusChange, Independence, Latest Inventions, Gay People
11NeptuneHiding, Inner Mind
12PlutoEarth Quakes, Natural Disasters, Mass Movements, Mass psychosis, natural disasters, war, atomic bomb explosion, epidemic, sexual act, sexual infection, contact with the distant past, with the occult, with an unexplained phenomenon, autopsy, murder, death.