Horoscope Matching before Marriage:

!! Select Suitable Life Partner !!

Marriage is the most important decision of our life which decides our future and progress. In Indian culture especially in Hindu, Marriage is considered extremely pious and sacred union of two individual souls who start their journey of life together. Horoscope match making is done for a better future prospect and better companionship in marriage. 

In the courtship days, everyone puts their best self forward. Sometimes,  you have limited information about your prospective spouse. Horoscope matchmaking can be your best judge about knowing the person you would marry. Horoscopes also indicate nature, preferences, social communication skills  and behavior pattern of a person.
In early days, in horoscope matchmaking, gun-meelan was done and manglik dosha was checked. But this is not enough. Compatibility has to be checked on mental level as well as other factors such as superlative tendency needs to be checked. Also relation between the planets in girl’s and boy’s horoscope should be checked.

We study each match making carefully. In addition to gun meelan and position of mars in horoscope, we do a detailed analysis of the following: 
* Physical Compatibility – If there is no physical attraction between two people,marriage cannot survive. For a successful marriage, the desire to want each other is very crucial.
* Mental Compatibility – Strong mental make up of a boy and a girl is analyzed.Their temper, behaviours,their interests and aptitude,their willingness to promote their married life and their affection for each other all these factors are taken care of, during horoscope matching.
* Separative Tendencies – The horoscope is analyzed to figure out any kind of separative yogas  are present in the horoscope and also for any sign of divorce. 
* Financial Stability – How will the general earning be as a couple. What will be their social status.

Match you horoscope to find your best suitable partner !! 

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