Moon in Taurus in a Horoscope

Possessing a balanced temperament and not being prone to conflict, you are not the kind of person who is easily pissed off. Increased emotionality is not typical for you. You have a calming effect on people who are more nervous and more emotionally agile, and have emotional stability that calms others. As a soft man, it’s not easy to provoke you to an explosion, but you are extremely stubborn and will resist any changes that require you to change your psyche (including changes in family life, in marriage).

In love, you are looking for a faithful partner with whom you do not need to be nervous, worry about the future. You are devoted to those you love, create an atmosphere of warmth and care for them. However, you tend to stay on the shore, not to change the existing one, and strive to dissuade the people whom life faces you from changes.

For you to feel good, you need physical manifestations of love: for you to be hugged, kissed, caressed; You need proximity, the ability to touch a loved one. You tend to cross the border in comforts and sensual pleasures. Sometimes, when you lack emotional comfort and love, you replace them with something tasty.

The need for material security and a reliable home situation. Love of art, singing. Easy hand in handling plants. Good relationship with mother. Possible laziness, a tendency to enjoy, licentiousness. Addiction to tonsillitis and tonsillitis.

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