Neptune in 7th House

NEPTUNE(planet of spirituality and illusions) in the seventh house: in marriage and partnership you are looking for spiritual intimacy, the coincidence of life goals, artistic and religious preferences. However, unrealistic or contradictory requirements for a partner can lead to extramarital affairs. Dignity: sensitivity to the needs of the partner. Disadvantages: it is easy to convince you; you will be disappointed.

You are greatly influenced by the people with whom you associate. But it is difficult for you to distinguish between those who are your friends and those who are not. Because of this some people may take advantage of your emotional sensitivity to make you feel obligated to them. Your opinions of the people you deal with are too idealistic, and you are hurt when they disappoint you.

When you volunteer to help people, you must protect yourself. Offer to help only when you know that someone needs your assistance. You tend to love everybody and over concern yourself with their welfare. Actually you are attempting to compensate for your inability to stand on your own; you need someone who needs you in order to feel that you belong. Being alone makes you feel helpless, so you seek out obligations to others.

Since you are imaginatively and creatively inspired in expressing yourself, you should direct your talents to writing, music, or the arts. Avoid competition until you gain the expertise to meet challenges without being crushed by failure.

You depend on others to provide the opportunities you need to earn a living. Because you feel that you do not deserve to be happy and contented, you overemphasize your negative qualities. But you are more loved than you realize, and your friends are deeply concerned for your welfare. Seek their advice before making a commitment so you will not regret it later. When superiors make a promise to you, get it in writing or have someone present who can back you up if they do not fulfill it.

In a romantic alliance you are easily mesmerized by a stronger personality. You should never agree to a permanent relationship until you know the person well and know that the feelings between you are sincere.

In love you may tend to idealize your partner to the point that he or she is a concept rather than a real person. You may heap praise and adulation on your lover, which can be very flattering, but it can lead to great difficulties later if your lover fails to live up to your high expectations. At that point you both may be in for a rude awakening.

You may be the victim of a similar tendency, for you gravitate toward partners who are as idealistic as you are, who may mentally frost over your character and come up with an image of you that is not very realistic. Getting down to brass tacks is an important part of any successful relationship, so that you can get to know each other for what you really are, instead of creating illusions of each other based on what you would like to see. This does not mean that you have to settle for less than what you really want, but that you must be realistically aware of what you and your partner are working with. Then you can both work concretely to build the relationship into the shape that you both will enjoy. The only effective road to reaching your ideals is through first recognizing reality.