SadeSati of Shani (Saturn)

What is Sade Sati ? 

When the gochar saturn transits over the moon in your kundali, you are said to have sadesati. This happens approximately every 27 years. Sadesati lasts for 71/2 years. Suppose your moon is in Mesha Rashi. your sadesati will start when gochar saturn enters picces. You will be under the effect of sadesati when the saturn is in Pisces, Aries and Taurus. Your sadesati will end when moon enters Gemini. 

What are the Effects of Sadesati? 

As moon is karaka for mind, sadesati will give you tensions. Saturn will have your work hard and face the harsh realities of life. If taken in the right stride, by the end of sadesati, you will be a more matured and strong as a person.  

Saturn is KarmaPhalData – i.e. it gives results of Karma, both good and bad. People dread Shani as generally series of bad karmas done by a person stop is Sadesati. Shani energy stops it. Plus it also starts giving justice to sanchit karma. 
Hence people dread Sadi-Sati. If one has positive sanchit karma, sade-sati will not be very difficult. Instead it will be rewarding.

How to deal with Sadesati – 

Sadesati is not the same for all people. People having a strong moon will experience less issues during sadesati. Also, if the house in which your natal moon is has good marks in ashtakvarga, your sadesati won’t be as tough. 

Also, not all 71/2 years of sadesati are tough. It very much depends of your kundali (placements of planets and the dashas you are running). 

Instead of dreading sadesati, deal with it. Identify your tough times and opportunities. Understand what can work for you and what cannot. Know your path of least resistance. Make use to Jyotish to enlighten your future. You will emerge a winner !! 

Shubham Bhavatu !! 

Transit of Saturn