Saturn/Shani in 12th House

XII House is the House of completion, including Saturn’s 29 year cycle; here in the XII House, Saturn suggests summing up, preparing for a new movement, a round of new experience. Here Saturn needs silence, solitude and calm thoughts, contributing to the restoration of internal order. Saturn, although continuing to delve into the “unconscious” of the XII House, helps to gain the experience of loneliness. The main thing is to correctly understand what this experience is for. To come to oneself does not mean concentrating on one’s inner feelings, emotions and motivations, isolating oneself from the outside world, becoming closed and lonely, plunging into a world of fantasies and illusions.

A person with Saturn in the XII House most often seeks to remain alone, work and create something in seclusion from others, because it is in such conditions that his creative abilities are revealed more freely and more fully. Unconsciously, he may experience anxiety, fear of taking responsibility and all kinds of obligations. The profession of such a person may be associated with work in hospitals, universities or large companies, where you can be invisible among colleagues, “lost in the crowd.” In addition, Saturn in the XII House is suitable for professions where you do not need to work from bell to bell, where work is not limited by time and is not burdensome in this sense: an office, a desk …

Saturn in 12th House : Positive Effect

Of course, the XII House, correlated with the deepest layers of the subconscious, remains unknown and incomprehensible to the end. Here you need to consider the zodiac sign in which Saturn is located.

Depending on the sign, one can talk about the probability of developing a person’s character, about the strength of his inner core. It is a mistake to assume that the owner of Saturn in the XII House will not be able to show firmness in upholding his views and rigidity in implementing the decisions made. The British Prime Minister M. Thatcher, thanks to her activities, even received the title of “Iron Lady” (Saturn in Scorpio), and President of the Russian Federation V. Putin Saturn in the XII House promoted work in the KGB in the foreign intelligence service (Saturn in Libra). In the horoscope of Tsar Reformer Peter I, Saturn is in the XII House in Aries (he could not stand the extra words: “word and deed” is his motto).

Saturn in 12th House : Negative Effect

XII House is located on the axis of health (VI – XII House) and corresponds to the state of our psyche. Therefore, when it is difficult for a person to understand himself using the principles of Saturn – attention, caution, feeling for ways, restraint, there is a great danger of avoiding reality through the use of psychotropic drugs, alcohol and drugs. An incorrect attitude to the needs of the twelve-homed Saturn can develop phobias and obsessive states, accompanied by various rituals invented by a person to maintain “normal” his psyche.

In traditional astrology, Saturn in the XII House means interfering with the fate of man of “evil fate”: the early loss of his father, torment, prison, insanity. In the life of F.M. Dostoevsky (Fig. 3) the negative impact of the planet brought an 8-month imprisonment in solitary confinement, a death sentence, a link to hard labor, after which he returned home only 10 years later. The writer himself accepted hard labor as just punishment and grace. After visiting Belinsky’s circle and gatherings in which young people exposed the tsar, religion and family, Dostoevsky had to communicate with ordinary Russian people, even robbers and murderers. He called his novel “Crime and Punishment” a “psychological analysis of crime” and showed the way to Raskolnikov’s spiritual revival. In all his works, Dostoevsky raises the problems of faith, love and compassion, which are the key questions of the XII House. Portraying erring people, moral freaks, self-torturers, rebels and proud, obsessed with “demonic” ideas, the writer shows what threatens rejection from God and that both the sinner and the criminal are always given the opportunity to redeem through suffering in which a flawed soul can achieve integrity.

Saturn in 12th House and Career

The axis of the VI – XII houses is also the axis of the ministry. XII House – This is the House of impersonal service, which is associated with self-sacrifice, self-denial, mercy and compassion. A person can find himself in difficult extreme situations: in the work of a nurse in a hospice, nurses in an oncology clinic or in the profession of a psychiatrist in a psychiatric hospital. Feeling yourself a part of the human community that you serve, surrendering completely and disinterestedly, helps a person not to fall into complexes or, if he has already overgrown them, to get out of them. At the same time, Saturn will still be inclined to think alone, and this should not be neglected. Developing the above qualities in yourself, you can become a real psychologist.

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