Saturn/Shani in Eleventh House

XI House has an air element and has a fixed quality, which in itself is paradoxical. Saturn in the XI House is led into the “unconscious”, it is taken out of control of its X House and finds itself in the Aquarius “open space”, inconvenient for this planet. It becomes difficult to maintain an internal order: a person has received “unlimited” freedom and does not know what to do with it.

Saturn in 11th House: Positive Effect

If you follow the principle of Aquarius, then Saturn in the XI House can gain control over the situation and self-confidence, moving in the direction of searching for like-minded people, associates, in the circle and environment of which common interests and goals will help to find character, organization and success in business. This can be collective creativity in a research institute, design bureau or art team, in which the owner of such a Saturn will occupy a leading position or become a good leader, using the principle of equality in group relations. Such a person is able to bear personal responsibility for his friends, associates in a common cause, he is deeply devoted to them, and a developed sense of justice helps organize the work of the team so that the result is mutually beneficial,

Saturn in 11th House and Career

11th House correlates with the legislative branch and society in general. This position of Saturn makes a person indifferent to social successes and social problems. Well suited work in the State Duma, the prefecture and social security. The main achievement for such people can be beliefs, rather than a high position in society. Given the mental orientation of Aquarius, the ruler of the XI House, it is safe to say that a person will strive to realize what he can and what he wants to achieve in the environment that he creates for himself, and the environment for him. In the negative version, Saturn in the XI House may lead to the use of friends and colleagues for personal purposes, for the sake of a career and ambition.

The XI House, being on the axis of creativity (V – XI House), enables Saturn to go beyond the limits of its natural X House. He, as it were, opens the way further for the brave, capable and worthy. A person with Saturn in the XI House is able to create something original and unusual, surrendering to transpersonal interests in life, and takes this very seriously.

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