Saturn/Shani in Tenth House

X The house corresponds with Capricorn, the last cardinal and earthly sign in the zodiac. It is, as it were, the top of the horoscope, above which rise is no longer possible. Here both success in career and professional activity is achieved, as well as the highest result of actually any life accomplishments. It is really true for a person with Saturn in the X House to be collected, responsible, serious in setting life goals and plans, he is characterized by the ability to overcome obstacles slowly but steadily move up and up through life, while strictly measuring his abilities and controlling every step. And therefore, the achievement of success under Saturn in the X House is almost guaranteed. It is only necessary to observe the principle of Saturn, contained in the words: “power”, “law” and “order”. Power over oneself, internal control and order, the presence of character (core inside) – these are the basic requirements of Saturn. Possessing these qualities, a person is able to become a true professional in his work, to manage not only himself, but also others, to be a good leader in responsible, including government posts.

Saturn in 10th House : Positive Effect

X House is located on the axis of individuation (IV – X House). The axis shows us how a person is capable, how he can fully realize the potential laid down and come to full self-realization (according to Jung – individuation). This does not necessarily mean a person’s desire to conquer socially significant peaks, it can be the aspirations of an aesthetic or spiritual order. Indeed, the pinnacles of artistic mastery or philosophical awareness of life are also pinnacles, and the peaks are perhaps much more elusive, significant and lasting (Saturn) than politics, career or others. In any case, a person with Saturn in the X House will take his place in life very seriously. He cares about what he leaves behind. Such a person does not want to stand still, he will move forward.

The axis of IV and X Houses is connected with the instinct of self-preservation, and for Saturn the principle of reliability, stability and security is very important, which he will seek, among other things, to strengthen his life position (and for someone’s rear), in the realization of his intentions.

Saturn and the X House are also associated with the archetype of the father as the head of the family, who should feel responsible for her and bear the burden of worries on himself.

Saturn in 10th House : Negative Effect

In a negative version, such a position of the planet can incline a person to dictatorship, abuse of power, reassessment of one’s own abilities and violation of moral standards for the sake of ambition. In this case, you can lose what has been achieved and fall from the top without escaping a public scandal. Saturn requires moral stability and honest work, otherwise “throws stones.” A striking example of this is the overthrow of the Chairman of the Provisional Government and the flight of A.F. Kerensky, as well as the collapse and suicide of A. Hitler (in the horoscopes of these historical figures – Saturn in the X House).

But for the owner of Saturn in the X House there is a danger of ignoring the questions of the opposite IV House. In this case, the family and home of a person who cares too much about his personal advancement will suffer from a lack of attention, and other functions of the IV House will remain abandoned, unless, of course, they are the goal of this person.

Another problem lies in the difficulty of starting to do something to implement their plans. This is because the person is too seriousabout the task and is afraid to take the wrong step. Inactive, he can feel his worthlessness in this life, and then he will experience deep depression, the way out of which exists only in organized and honest work, following the principles of Saturn, one of the most important personality planets that form the core, foundation, character of a person and which provides decisive role in this.

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