Sun in Aries or Mesha in a Horoscope

It means the beginning of action, a new cycle in personal development. Motto: initiative, activity. They are not afraid of obstacles, they act almost blindly, without covering the rear, they are directed forward, exposing the chest under attack. A rush that knocks down everything in its path. A great future is provided. They don’t think about losses, sometimes even in old age. Always prefer direct paths, for roundabouts there is not enough patience. Therefore, the highest peaks in life are rarely achieved, since the straight paths are too steep. They spend energy not sparing, as if its excess, are quickly recharged with energy again, so in life they always achieve something, or at least once in their life they stand out from the crowd. Reckless courage, concentrated blow, suppression of emotions and doubts, unwavering self-confidence, fearlessness. Aries’s favorite word is “I”. It all depends on the level of internal development of Aries. Some can hit below the waist, just to get their way. But most Aries are chivalrous, especially if they win. But until the obstacle is broken, they do not know pity, sparing neither themselves nor others. Aries never looks around, sees only what lies in sight. You can’t convince him, he just won’t listen to you. There are quiet people, but they never lose their goal and always in the end achieve it.

Aries attracts attention with the speed of actions and quick wits. He doesn’t deal with the lower classes, if he has any obstacles, he can immediately turn to the big boss to eliminate them, he knows how to work well with his elbows for personal advancement, but, moving forward, he does not notice the enemies that he himself created, considering himself strong.

He chooses professions that do not require patience, stability, submission, reasoning, sitting indoors. At work he burns, not sparing himself, but their boss must remember that Aries can take his place. Love for Aries is a burning passion, he chooses a partner and conquers him (her). The beginning of love, the first onslaught is intoxicating, it is spring with summer heat, but if the connection is long, then Aries can become a despot. Love will last long if the partner manages to maintain interest, not allowing himself to be conquered as a whole. Aries (both men and women) and in marriage continue to maintain relations with their acquaintances, friends, not being locked in a narrow family circle. Their children will not be weaklings, but they will not be as strong as their parents.

The shortcomings of Aries – a continuation of its advantages. Aries are intolerant, stubborn, overestimating themselves, they lack patience, they are prone to quarrels and cannot give in. They would have to learn to apologize, be tolerant of others, but they are not able to listen to other people’s advice, which leads to difficult situations. They have many envious people who act stealthily. Wounds accumulate over time, but Aries do not see their defeats, and therefore the trouble for them always comes unexpectedly, the world collapses and often this is associated with serious illnesses. There is only one way out – you need to learn patience, friendliness, the ability to analyze your actions.

You are a man willingly meeting difficulties. Often you think that you need to take life from battle, not depending on anyone, hoping only for your strength, intellect and courage. You believe in absolute honesty, be faithful to yourself, your views and beliefs, even if as a result you are left alone. Honesty, integrity, the desire to be yourself – these are the gods whom you worship. Therefore, you do not sympathize with other people’s weaknesses.

Above all, you yourself value freedom, the ability to do everything as you need. You work very well on your own; collaborating with other people or completing someone else’s tasks is not your lifestyle. You either lead or do something yourself.

You love action, and as soon as your life seems to be pleasant, convenient, cozy, routine, you are ready to stir things up, start something again, change everything, and “renew blood”. Routine and monotony are like death for you. You are not afraid to take on what no one has done before you. And although sometimes they look at you as if you were crazy, you still do what your rivals try to surpass only later. To risk and be faithful to your star is for you life itself, breathing itself, the pulsation of life itself. And if this is not possible, you become dizzy or, not knowing what to do, fall into anger.

Starting to act instantly, you are impulsive, straightforward, direct, enthusiastic and not afraid to say directly and unambiguously what you think. You believe in the power of positive thinking and positive action, think of yourself as a strong, even invincible person. Do not like to hurt, do not like situations when you have to depend on others. The very idea of ​​the need to acknowledge the limitations of your human nature, that the emotional side of your being needs attention, often seems unbearable to you.

By mindset, you are mostly a man, less capable of female art in communicating with people, of perceiving subtle hints and nuances, of achieving harmony in relationships. You are often so excited by your own plans and goals that, without noticing it, you come into conflict with the feelings and interests of other people. If you learn to treat them with great attention, value their ideas and feelings more, then make life very easy for yourself and others. Your impatience in pursuit of the goal leads to the fact that without direct necessity you cause yourself to become alienated. It’s bad that you sometimes try to achieve your goal by raising your voice by banging your fist on the table. Learn not to rush, relax. Let the events go on their own. It is a pity that because of your energetic, restless nature, you rarely succeed.

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