Sun in Gemini or Mithuna in a Horoscope

Means spirituality, the speed of thoughts and actions, the absence of conventions. The character is elusive, opportunists, curiosity with temperament, irritable and capricious (like teenagers). They are so mobile and fast that they can become superficial, because what they perceive does not have time to process. They are very sociable, interested in everything, quickly oriented, read a lot and are always ready for new impressions, ability to languages. They have oratorical abilities, they like to talk, but they don’t know how to listen, they perceive only the essence, and the rest is passed by.

They don’t miss, they just don’t have time for this. They do not like loneliness, hence a lot of contacts. It is easy to get acquainted with a variety of people, they always have something to say, although their stories are only half true. If you make a mistake, quickly get out. They consider themselves irreplaceable, they can occupy society for hours, where they appear, the end is at rest. When real problems appear, they become distracted.

Order is not their strongest trait, they always look for their things, which always disappear somewhere at the right time. Very inclined to imitate others, good parodists quickly recognize the weaknesses and ridiculous sides of others and use it in life. Very modern, that is, follow the fashion for anything. They love to gossip. But at the same time they know how to support and offer their help to those who are lost in life. They are diligent, but do not always finish the job to the end, since they are already fascinated by the following ideas. They love to travel, and they love to have everything at once – and the mountains, and the sea, and the forest, and not just one. It is better to choose professions related to mediation, collection and transfer of various kinds of information, with the search and implementation of various inventions, talents and ideas, both one’s own and those of others, these are good translators, commentators, and businessmen. Very amorous especially if the partners are serious or mysterious. They can easily explain love, they don’t have to say “yes”, get married quickly, often for the ceremony and honeymoon, and get divorced just as easily and quickly, are prone to outside relationships because they are looking for the perfect partner and are very curious. It is difficult to love them, because they themselves are not capable of love, but they want to be loved. They play an active role in marriage, like to receive guests, and themselves willingly go to visit. For a life together, it is better if they have a common work or common interests with a partner. Trouble in life can arise as a result of distraction, superficiality. A mess of money, high costs cause damage. Rarely have real friends and partners. It is necessary to consciously train concentration, learn to keep your mouth shut. The state of constant alert attention does not give spiritual and physical peace. They need to learn to discipline themselves, to learn to respect conventions, since they are the key to cooperation with other people. If they learn to overcome their shortcomings, then their excellent abilities will lead to high goals. Self-doubt, hence neurasthenic disease. They are prone to diseases of the lungs, bronchi, respiratory and nervous systems.

In many ways, you are an eternal child. Your intellect is receptive, sensitive to any changes, flexible, full of curiosity, games. You always strive for new things and often just can’t keep your attention for a long time. You quickly grab ideas, but as soon as the initial curiosity is satisfied, you are drawn to move on to something else. You need frequent changes, diversity, new situations, meeting new people.

The mass of interests prevents you from understanding what your real talents are and what you should really be doing. You do not accept the very thought of self-restraint and concentration on one thing. Your curiosity and anxiety throw you into many different new life situations, and you want to try everything in the world. Doing the same thing over and over, even if you do it successfully, well, is hard and boring work for you.

To a large extent, you “live your head”: read, observe, think, “suck” ideas; You cannot live without intellectual incentives. Oddly enough, but if you had to choose between a good book or movie and a good lunch, most likely you would prefer the first. You have a creative mind, and you often live off the acuity of your intellect.

An outgoing, sociable person with a highly developed need for interaction with people, you like to joke, play with words. You have a genuine flair, a talent for conveying ideas in an interesting, clear form – that is what makes up the talent of a writer, lecturer, speaker.

You have a rather light and mischievous sense of humor, but often you lack seriousness. Although you are in urgent need of emotional responsibility, emotional self-giving, it is very difficult for you to do this, because often you do not want to take anything on yourself, limit your personal freedom, the ability to move from place to place, move from one thing to another.

Happiness in your life is associated with the use of your creative abilities, talent for handling the word. Your intellect is not inclined to one-sidedness. Usually you can offer a fresh, clear, precise approach, a non-standard solution, a direction of research. Your drawback is the lack of persistence and perseverance. In addition, you tend not to notice or ignore the emotional problems and feelings of other people.

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