Sun in Pisces or Meena in a Horoscope

Empathy, universality, renunciation. This is an oversensitive sign that reacts very strongly to other people’s thoughts. Always on the verge of the real, ready to get lost, submit to fate, eternal dreamers, sleep even in reality. They just want to live, but this desire almost never comes true, as they are inferior to other promises and vows. They try to do what is necessary, but their will is weak. They are often so naive that the struggle for life is a torment for them, therefore they always prefer to go into the world of illusions than face the real life. Hence the danger of replacing real life – tobacco, coffee, alcohol, drugs, a strong need to love can lead to debauchery, and if nothing helps to get away from life’s problems, they can turn to occultism. They are naturally strong mediums, and, starting with yoga, can end up with memories of their previous lives. Here lies the danger of becoming confused in one’s feelings, becoming a toy in the wrong hands or going crazy. It is easier for them when they have a strong patron, therefore they often have a very developed religious feeling – indeed, who can be stronger than God! It also helps them if they wear a mask, hiding their sensitive soul under it. And here again the danger – the mask can grow, become a second “I”. Are dual. Their aversion to controversy makes them timid. But if patience bursts, they can get very angry. Very compassionate, able to help, instill courage in others. They are so sensitive that they are often ready to burst into tears, very soft that they try to hide behind external harshness, they are annoyed, defending themselves, but in general they always present themselves. They are attracted by art, in it they have a talent for music, singing, good actors. The profession should be chosen very carefully, it should be special, give way to their artistry. Strict mode and discipline are contraindicated; they are free artists – designers, fashion designers, graphic artists, musicians, professions where sympathy and compassion are required.

Love for them is fate. They are skillful in love and always want to love. If this fails, they are capable of exalted selfless love. Very gullible. Their feelings are gentle and sincere, they turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of loved ones. They need someone to pour their love on: if there is no partner, then they are looking for children or parents who need custody, if there is no one, then they start a cat or a dog. They die of heartlessness, for the sake of love they are ready for anything, but then they themselves do not forgive the partner for their humiliation. The measures do not know. Children are raised in a love of art and tolerance.

Weak constitution, tendency to tuberculosis. Dangers, in addition to the above, credulity, compliance, instability, false severity. They need to be more determined.

By nature, you are a very gentle, impressionable, receptive person, a dreamer. The world of your imagination, feelings and intuition is as real for you as everything that belongs to the outside world. It may be difficult for you to convey, explain your inner experiences so that others understand them. You are prone to mysticism, artistic creation, musical, emotional. You have a very developed imagination, a rich inner life, although outwardly you must be giving the impression of a modest and quiet person. Usually you stay closed.

Thanks to a highly developed sensitivity, you penetrate deeply into the essence of your relationship with people. Often the first intuitive impression is subsequently confirmed. You are tolerant, able to forgive, are not inclined to judge people, accept them for who they are – with shortcomings and mistakes. You sympathize with every living creature and often experience the pain of others, as your own. You understand flawed people, losers – they do not repel you. You are capable of an unselfish gift, a life devoted to serving people, the role of a doctor, priest, healer.

However, you tend to give yourself blindly, illegibly to people, allowing you to abuse your kindness, allowing the weak to remain weak and become your dependents. You have a poorly developed sense of the moment when you need to say no. Confidence and self-discipline are not your strongest qualities.

You tend to love people and be a peacemaker. You are not a fighter, not a supporter of active actions, strive to avoid an open conflict. It’s easier for you not to pay attention to the difficulties of life, to distance yourself from them in the hope that they will disappear on their own, and not to meet them face to face. You notice a lack of inclination to active struggle, which is sometimes necessary to overcome difficulties; there is no hardness in you. You are an open person and somewhat passive. Your actions are careful, non-aggressive, often unobvious.

It is possible that your talents lie in the field of creativity, fine art, music, because you have highly developed sensitivity, inspiration and rich imagination. You are touched by the beauty and love that you see in front of you.

Your shortcomings are that you are prone to laziness and show insufficient attention to what is happening to you. You would rather enjoy self-pity than take energetic action to make a difference. You also tend to isolate yourself from your immediate environment and live in a state of complete, chaotic disorder. But this worries your loved ones more than you do.

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