Uranus in 7th House

URANUS (planet of change and originality) in the seventh house: a partnership or marriage may begin suddenly for you. You are drawn to unusual people and most likely you will choose an intellectually stimulating spouse. Such a union will attract the attention of others. However, Uranus in the seventh house indicates the possibility of an unexpected divorce and remarriage. Dignity: you are able to achieve your goals thanks to a marriage partner. Disadvantage: your need for independence can cause jealousy or ruin a marriage.

This aspect shows that relationships stand in the way of achieving the freedom you want. You attract people who want their own freedom, even though it means you must curtail yours, and this annoys you. Attracted also to people who are defiant of authority, you wouldd like to share the enthusiasm of their independence. You feel uncomfortable when anyone asks you to make a commitment, for you consider contracts and related obligations as too limiting and frustrating. Marriage in the traditional sense is not for you. You prefer a more liberal association in which the only binding agent is the emotional attraction to your partner. You enjoy a wide circle of friends who share your views and with whom you feel safe and secure.

Your contemporaries admire your ingenuity in using your creative talents. You are drawn to occupations that give you freedom to work in your own way, unconfined by rules and regulations. You do not like to be told when and how to do something, or to receive an ultimatum if you do not submit. Rebellious by nature, you probably left home at an early age to seek your own goals. Although you have a mind of your own, you probably are not fully prepared to accept the responsibility for your actions. You tend to avoid competition on the excuse that it is the trap of a regulated society.

Although you secretly hope to make a substantial contribution to improve society, you may lack the motivation to actually do something to prove your concern. Your resentment of authority may cause problems in reaching your goals. You make your own rules to serve as guidelines, but they are not very demanding. Part of your role in life is to help others gain their freedom by urging them to get an education, and to learn about the social and political issues that can affect them.

In love you may be particularly attracted to partners who are somewhat unusual, either physically or intellectually. Thus you may find yourself in a relationship with a lover who is quite different from you in stature, attitude, social upbringing, or behavior. Learning to share intimately with someone who is very original can provide an enjoyable and broadening experience. Your partner may thus serve as a real source of learning and inspiration. To a certain extent, this unusual quality will rub off on you as well as on your other friends, who will enjoy the company of you both. However, your partnerships may form and dissolve rather quickly, so you should not be overly possessive nor become involved with someone who is very possessive. If you do you will both suffer emotionally in the long run. Your usual reason for splitting up suddenly is that you discover that you have nothing left to learn from your lover and that the relationship is no longer causing creative changes. When you do settle down with one person, it will be because you have found someone who changes as much as you do, so that you can keep the process going indefinitely.