Mercury in 7th House

MERCURY (planet of the mind) in the seventh house: you are looking for a marriage and partnership of intellectual compatibility. You are likely to get married or marry a lively and talkative person. Your personal life is filled with conversations. You benefit from collaboration in law, literature, and the world of information. Pluses: you are sociable, adapt well to different people. Disadvantage: frequent quarrels and disputes complicate the relationship

You share and take into consideration the opinions of the people with whom you associate. You fear rejection, and so you wait until you know where your associates stand before expressing your own views. Although you do this cleverly, you still do not succeed in convincing people that you have a mind of your own. Because of this you are not taken seriously. You want everyone to think you are the most agreeable person they ever met.

People feel comfortable with you because you do not threaten them by pointing out their mistakes, Actually you are trying too hard to be liked. You would be more respected if you were more sincere and less trying. You try to say the right thing at the right moment so that people will admire you. Generally you succeed in this, but when you do not, it can be an awful moment for you. Actually you are a master conversationalist and you can hold an audience in the palm of your hand. So there is no need for pretending to be other than what you are – a delightful person to have around.

Sometimes you bend the truth about your family background or heritage to make a good impression, or you alter the facts to make them fit your objectives. With your gift of effective communication you would be most successful in an occupation that requires close and intimate contact with people. You are very adept at social activities, public relations, and communications, where you have every opportunity to show your skill in handling people.

Although you really like and need people, you do not want to feel obligated to them. You are independent and resent having your freedom restricted, even temporarily. You try to form relationships with persons who can help you to reach your objectives. In return you are willing to serve them when they need help. It will be difficult for you to rise to the position you seek unless others intercede in your behalf. Do not forget them when you do succeed.

In love, your ability to tell your partner what you mean varies considerably. Sometimes you hit the nail on the head unerringly, other times you miss by a huge margin. This applies not only to your ability to communicate but also on occasions when you cannot decide if you should express something. That is, at times it seems urgent to say exactly what you mean, and at other times you hardly care. Naturally this can lead to serious gaps of communication between you and your companion. You need a partner who understands your needs and desires intuitively when you are feeling uncommunicative.

In any case, you will be happiest if you have a fairly close partner at all times, for you derive a great deal of intellectual stimulus and inspiration from any kind of relationship. Such a partner provides the inducement to the flow of your ideas and also serves as a sounding board for ideas which would not come so easily if you were alone. This does not mean that you need a particularly intellectual or verbal partner, although that would enhance the quality of your inventiveness. You just need someone who can provide a mirror for you and your ideas so that you will have the reinforcement you need to continue to create.

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