Stones and Crystals to promote Courage

There are those who think they are not brave just because they feel fear. The brave try it all right, but they keep going anyway. They don’t stand still in one place just because change is frightening. They agree to feel terror, anxiety, anguish … and then move on. They change anyway.

Sometimes the courage is to stop burying your head in the sand, get up and give your best despite the problems. Courage belongs to people who are aware of their limitations and ask for help if they need it. To those who have often been disappointed but still continue to trust.

Courageous is he who tries a thousand times despite the “no” he receives. Who says what he thinks , who throws himself even when the risks are many. They are just examples because there are hundreds of forms of courage. Break a relationship that doesn’t work, change jobs, move for love, ask for help when you’re sick, help those who have a problem even though it’s hard to do …

Everyone then shows courage in some things and less courage in others. A man may not be afraid to climb a mountain (and do it often as well) but be terrified of riding a bicycle.

Want to have courage

Each of us wants to be courageous in one thing rather than another, it depends on aspirations and life choices, on the problems that we face in spite of ourselves. To have courage it seems silly but, we have to throw ourselves. Whatever the thing.

We have to take that step. Courage comes from within us. But how to use them and not let them be blocked by the fear of failure?

We can train him starting from things that seem small to us but that for one reason or another we have never done. We also try to do certain things as soon as possible otherwise the fear becomes more and more paralyzing.

Stones and Crystals that give courage

Since we are talking about crystal therapy here, it is normal to look to stones as helpers to find greater courage. So here are some stones that can help you!

  • Chiastolite : gives you the courage to stand up for yourself
  • Diamond : the diamond is one of those stones that gives you the courage to follow your instincts
  • Golden Healer Quartz : with this beautiful stone you finally find the courage to take a step forward, to face situations and choices that scare you
  • Epidote : do you want to change but don’t have the courage to do it? Try the epidote.
  • Zircon : Zircon represents courage in 360 degrees.
  • Rhodonite : useful for children who have to find courage in themselves.
  • Sardonyx : helps you find the courage to speak in public.
  • Red chalcedony : increases your desire to expose yourself, to try and experiment.
  • Red Jasper : Gives courage to the child who is being bullied.
  • Malachite : use it if you need to make small changes that will allow you to feel good.
  • Moonstone : certainly gives courage, but does not make you reckless. It allows you to change in a calm and relaxed way.
  • Topaz : long considered a symbol of courage and protection.
  • Amber : think that in Asia it is considered the soul of the tiger, precisely because it manages to give a lot of courage to the wearer, but also wisdom.
  • Agata botswana : gives the courage to accept the problem and seek the solution.

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