Stones and Crystals to use against envy

We often feel attacked by the envy of others, perhaps because we have achieved certain work successes, or because we are beautiful, intelligent, nice, educated people, because we travel a lot, because we earn a lot … clearly even one of these things is enough. Other times, there’s no particular reason and we don’t realize why someone feels so envious of us. It happens just as often that we are the envious ones. While it’s harder to realize, we’re not always objective.

Here we will discuss which stones can help you defend yourself from the envy of others and those that instead help you to recognize yours.

Lets know what are the  symptoms of envy. So that you know how to defend yourself by recognizing it immediately.

What is envy and what are the symptoms

Envy stems from a sense of injustice . We feel it towards a person who we consider undeserving of the goals he has achieved, because we think he has a value equal to ours or lower. Those who feel envy criticize, speak badly, feel anger and feel sorry for this injustice. All this paradoxically leads the envious to concentrate his energies on the other rather than to improve himself.

Everyone has experienced envy, which can be more or less strong . Sometimes it is not aimed at someone in particular but at those who have reached certain goals in their life. We feel diminished by the successes of others, so we try to regain confidence in ourselves by belittling the other.

According to some, it is even a type of psychological profile. In the sense that the envious person does not feel envious of a single person but is in general. Towards the friend, the neighbor, the colleague …

We recognize the envious person, but sometimes we find it hard to recognize the envy in ourselves. Here are some behaviors that should put you “on the alert” so to speak.

  • Trying to belittle a person in front of others, highlighting their flaws.
  • Talking badly about someone when they’re not around, spreading gossip. There is usually a big chain reaction.
  • The envious person observes and criticizes the other but does not commit himself personally to achieve the results, thinking that the others have “fallen from heaven”, without sacrifices.
  • The envious expects only the worst from others, thinks that you should never trust anyone.
  • Sometimes those who are envious do not devalue the other but commiserate with themselves, complaining of their unjust condition. He thinks that fate has been generous with others but not with him. A person who usually never takes action to change his condition.

Crystals and Stones against envy

  • Carnelian : it has been used for centuries with the purpose of protecting an individual or a place from negativity and envy.
  • Chrysoprase : this stone helps you to overcome that kind of envy which then leads to pessimism, to a lack of trust in all those who, in your opinion, “have received the most”.
  • Azurite-malachite : makes you less critical of others, for the results they have achieved. It teaches you to no longer worry about others in this regard but rather to focus on your goals.
  • Kunzite : suitable for those who always tend to criticism. That never stops. He speaks badly of people, things, situations… it is precisely the character aspect we were talking about before.
  • Coral : it is one of the stones par excellence when it comes to keeping away the envy of others, preventing them from touching us. It is no coincidence that it is customary to hang it in the house, above the entrance door, to prevent negative energies from entering with people.
  • Magnetite : Like coral, it keeps negativity out of your life.

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