Tarot for Aquarius

The Aquarius Tarot is represented by the tarot cards –The Judgment and The Star . It is ruled by the planets Venus , Moon , Mercury , Uranus . Their numbers are 2 and 8 . Its Element is Water . Its stones are: Sapphire and Opal .

The influence The Judgment and the Star , on Aquarius is what gives this special personality: innovative, always willing to change and renovations, new technologies, people skills, good communication with the outside … The 2 and the 8 provide balance, maturity, prudence to hide all those aces, which they have in the manga. And … the sensitivity of Water, to show smooth forms and well-modulated forms of performance and behavior. The planets give it a lot of important qualities, which give it a very complete spectrum: temperance, femininity, fertility, creativity, growth, harmony, fertility, beauty, hope, delicacy, love, marriage, order, intelligence, good discernment, reasoning. , faith and strong beliefs, eloquence and speed of reaction, genius, creative ideas, creative power, inner strength, independence, transgression of the rules, generational qualities. The Air element gives it that ease of expression, imagination, intellectuality, curiosity to know …

It represents moments of creativity, innovation and the creation of new ideas, projects, pregnancies … Moments in which connecting with others is very easy due to the good communication that exists. Successful intellectual contacts. As a result, it is successful thanks to its intelligence and good know-how. Wellness. Triumph. Time to rethink positive changes. Reconciliation. Rethinking old ideas and translating them.

Different Life Stages:

When they are children (The Judgement and The Star): represents the curious child, a good student, but restless, with a lot of questions to ask in class or at home; and with a lot of ideas or hypotheses, to raise. You don’t get bored with them.

When they are young , they are people who fall in love easily, to quickly move on to assess the personality of the girl / or in question. They tend to change partners quickly, it is easy for them to rethink things and renew what is not working in their life. At this time, friends are the center of the Universe, they can happen to be a girl, who does not get along with her friends.

As adults, they undoubtedly an accomplished , married or single, but happy. They will have all the electronic and analog devices on the market and everything controlled.


Physically they are thin, elegant, attractive, charming people, people skills, born leaders. They are people, rather contained in their ways of presenting themselves, but with an overwhelming personality, with innovative ideas that subjugate others.

In Professional Environment:

At work time they translate and develop new projects. Always positive rethinking and innovative ideas to carry out. Always positive and welcome changes. Moments of promotions or job changes (inside or outside of work), but always ascending. The best advice would be to keep quiet without drawing too much attention, to avoid envy. He is a natural leader, but he loves to work in a team, he knows how to coordinate very well.

In Love:

Romantic and full of tenderness, but intellectual communication is basic. Ideal time to start a relationship. Presence of the Aquarius Tarot man’s friends , in a relationship, but if that stage is passed, there is love, intellectual connection, they can surrender forever and be happy. Reconciliations are always possible for these people. Restart a relationship with friends or partners who come from the past.

Professions :

scientist, astronomer, architect, engineer, mathematician, writer, historian, psychologist …

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by their intelligence, their independence, beauty and good image, by the security they have in themselves, by their sensitivity, femininity and receptivity, how well communicative they are and how well they pose problems and projects. They are very tolerant, idealistic, positive, sincere, clear and concise. By rethinking things, if necessary without any problem, make changes and move on. With them a reconciliation is always possible. Great sense of fairness and truth.

Negative Characteristics:

coldness, slow, depressed and low morale, work worries, unforeseen expenses, little thrown in love, angry if they feel betrayed, too demanding, jealous, distrustful of the opposite sex, withdrawn.

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