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The Aries Tarot is represented by the Tarot Cards – the Emperor Tarot or The Magician. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and Mercury . Their numbers are 4 and 1 . 

Its stones are: ruby , diamonds , garnets . Its Element is Fire .

The influence that The Emperor and The Magician have on the Aries Tarot is what gives it this very dominant and powerful personality: on the one hand, dominant, authoritarian, calculating, intelligent, strategic; and on the other, the ease of starting new projects from scratch, the ease of action, intelligence and plenty of possibilities, which you know you have at your fingertips … The 1 and 4they bring almost the same, they empower each other: the 1 is the beginning of everything, intelligence, all possibilities at hand; the 4 is the base of the world, the social position. And … the force of Fire, brings movement, dynamism, confidence and self-assurance, optimism, joy, great physical attractiveness. The planets Jupiter and Mercury bring you prudence, temperance and balance; and on the other hand intelligence, reasoning, clarity of ideas and convictions, resolution in the realization of things.

Different Life Stages:

When they are children it represents the ease of making decisions and doing things, how aware they are of the power they have over others. Clear intuition, that everything is in your hands, that you have all the possibilities of choice. The conviction of their ideas and their prerogatives. Ease of starting over as many times as necessary, without laziness. It represents a young man with momentum and energy.

Young people : the awareness of the possibilities they have, the wisdom and the power. They are people who have the will to reflect, make up their minds and make a decision and the physical and moral strength to take action and are usually successful. They are smart, they do well with business, friends and have a vision of the future. They easily know which way to go. They have time for everything and they sign up for everything.

If we talk about a mature or adult man (The Emperor) : He embodies earthly and temporal power, social position, everything material, power, authority … Everything that man can do to obtain control over others, fortune of what is acquired through work and practical and intellectual knowledge, which make him superior to others and place him in a position of supremacy and power over others, over business. A mature Aries Tarot, surely you have your life resolved and you have thought of everything. You are thrifty and you will not lack Pension Plans, your Stock Market operations, etc …

The adults of this sign are people who give little importance to the spiritual. They are pragmatic, practical, clear and concrete. They are very rational and logical people. They are ambitious, they like to have power and aspire to have a good position, money and the pleasures that can be paid with money. They are also authoritarian, self-confident, with initiative, they have a facility to make decisions, they know very well how to handle situations. They have an analytical mind and know very well how to pose problems or business. They have resources for everything …


Physically they tend to be energetic, strong and athletic people, with an oaky health and always ready to play sports, dance or go on a trip. They physically impose themselves on others. They are never lazy, to undertake something new. They are self-confident and know that they are successful whatever they do. They are not unsafe at all. They are energetic.

In Professional Environment:

At work they do very well. They get along very well with their peers. They are usually the leaders of the office or your work. They have a knack for starting a project and monitoring it, convinced of its success. They usually earn a lot of money and all entrepreneurs want them by their side.

Professions :

company directors, financial directors, business moguls, engineers, politicians, pilots, athletes, adventurers (with money, of course)

Positive Characteristics:

Tarot Aries represents the ease to position yourself socially, choosing everything you want and having the ease to take action and create whatever you want, because you have intelligence to plan and develop any project from your command post. Possibility of achieving what you propose because you have the situation under control. It represents stability and social position. The man with his knowledge can be used to obtain material benefits, money, goods … And on the other hand it represents energy, capacity, power of choice to do everything he wants. Assured success.

Negative Characteristics:

not knowing how to delegate, wasting, not knowing how to save, intransigent, interested, loss of power, superficial, small accidents. Their weak points: they are the arms and legs.

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