Tarot For Cancer

The Cancer Tarot is represented by the tarot cards – the High Priestess  or The Moon , which is ruled by the Moon . His number is 2 and 9 . Its element is Water . Its stones are pearls and moonstones .

The influence that The High Priestess and The Moon have on Cancer Tarot is what gives it this wise, but insecure personality at the same time: on the one hand, wisdom, feminine maturity, which is worth more for what is silent than for what it says, secrets…; and secondly the facility to complicate your life either on her own with your meals coconut or because it is criticized others, the fact is that there are times when you feel insecure and problems herself is … The 2 and 9they bring almost the same, they empower each other: the 2 is the passive subject, duality, opposing forces; the 9 is persistence, generosity and ability to face things, friend of friends, friendly, artistic genius, humanitarian, romantic and sentimental sense. And… the sensitivity of Water, pleasant and gentle behavior, correct and kind ways of behavior. The Moon gives them a highly developed maternal sense, fertility, creativity, personal growth, temperance, harmony and balance.

If it represents a person, it most often represents a woman, mother or someone capable of conceiving. If he is a man, he will have a lot of sensitivity. A serene, calm and mature woman. More reserved than outgoing. A woman who says more for what she is silent than for what she speaks. A cultured, studious, knowledgeable and even scholarly person. It also represents secrets or hidden messages; they can mean things we don’t know. A person with a lot of intuition, capable of raising many envy and criticism and perceiving the bad vibes. Family and home are very important to them.

Young people : they tend to be rowdy, indiscreet and metepathic. Critical and envious to the point of creating many conflicts for others.

In Professional Environment:

At work they are successful people who usually do well, but little boisterous. They are not leaders, they are discreet people, who do not boast of their ideas or their knowledge, but the result is always good. It can also be about times when they must rethink their work life, but always with discretion. If not, time to reorganize your job to optimize it.


Money : if they are able to save and not get carried away by consumerism, they are usually good investors. They have a good eye for business.


Health : they are usually people with a tendency to have metabolism or thyroid problems. Women who are very easy to get pregnant or with ovarian or / and uterine problems.


Physically we are defining a mature woman, but still young. Very attractive and intelligent. Intuitive, who knows how to listen and is a good counselor. They tend to define women, who do not appear their age nor are they very discreet.

In Love:

Love : romantic relationships, perhaps passionate, but unstable due to mood swings, insecurities, infidelities. At the same time they can be romantic and profound, with an undertone of modesty. They are very faithful in love, but very jealous and possessive. They are very loyal, but they demand the same in return.

Professions :

Professions : writers or politicians (although they may change their affiliation at some point). be able to work in the public sector succesfully. Journalists and good communicators, politicians, writers, actors.

Negative Characteristics:

inferiority complex, calculating, mood and character changes, jealous.


pregnancy, secrecy, reserve, spirituality and study, knowledge, face problems, evolve and renew. Get out of a period of darkness and confusion, thanks to your reflection and desire to improve. Inner fears and insecurities. Criticisms and conflicts.

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