Tarot For Capricorn

The Capricorn Tarot is represents by The Tower Tarot card. It is ruled by the planet Mars and Saturn . His number is 7 . Its Element is Earth . His stone is: Sapphire .

The influence that La Torre has , gives it a potential for great improvement and perfection. It is a constant rethinking of your prerogatives in life. A constant rethinking of their priorities, their scale of values, their work … It is rethinking things, so that everything goes well, to eliminate what is already obsolete and keep what is valid. Of course, adopting new formulas that make our life, always with our feet on the ground, impeccable. The number 7 , in Numerology the magic number, gives it a very important force of action. They keep you from thinking too long and forcing you to take action. The same can be said of the planets: Mars and Saturn, give you the same inertia of reflection and action, which is essential to get ahead.

Represents a situation that requires a rethinking or readjustment, to optimize its operation. It can also announce the death of someone, the end of a situation, problems, setbacks … Reflection, research, planning, development, conclusion. Always the complete cycle. Being upset or angry with yourself. Destabilized situations. Inability to achieve a set goal.

Different Life Stages:

When they are children: represents the child who is too thoughtful and calm, who must be pushed to go out to the garden to play. He is a too cerebral child, who does not need others to be happy. They like people and their friends, but they are very good about themselves and their books, and unless pushed, they don’t feel the need to go out looking for games.

When they are young , they are rather people comparing themselves with the others. They are people, who have a clear objective, what is important is their training and they do their best to obtain it. They are ambitious and want to achieve “their goal” in life, whatever the cost. They don’t skimp on it. That does not mean that they do not have friends, but counted on the fingers of the hand, because few of them trust. They do not trust their secrets to anyone or at most to one of them. They are very jealous of their privacy.

When they are adults, will be well placed and and earning well. Their scale of values ​​will be far from other signs, but within their shell they feel protected from the contingents of life.


Physically they are people with a calm, calm image, with slow movements, but sure of themselves. They act with a well modulated voice and slowly, to hear themselves speak. They stare into each other’s eyes and pause. They try to physically impose themselves on their adversary.

In Professional Environment:

At work they are very good and responsible. They are disciplined, orderly, they plan a job very well, they research it and develop it to perfection until it is finished brilliantly. They are very professional, faithful, and reliable in their investigations. They are slow but safe. The important and difficult thing is to find a goal important enough for them. Without aim, they feel useless. They are extremely demanding of themselves and others. They are financially ambitious. They are not versatile people, rather they focus on a topic and develop it to the fullest.

In Love:

In Love and with their partner, it is difficult for them to open up to others. They have few good friends. With his partner he opens up when he is very sure that that person is convenient for him from all points of view. Once the poor “other” has passed the exam, he opens up naturally as long as “other” is openly and inspires confidence. Easy sex with a Capricorn Tarot is practically impossible. With them you must move very slowly, seducing them, giving them, praising them and entertaining them with everything and more, otherwise it can close like an oyster and we can stay composed and without a boyfriend. On the other hand, once all this is achieved, the Capricorn Tarot is a safe, long-term reliable and sexually passionate partner.

Professions :

lawyers, administrators, economists, accountants, managers, professors, scientists, architects, engineers, real estate management,

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by being very ambitious, calculating, demanding, serious, reserved, cautious, confident, disciplined, studious, proud, stable, calm, presumptuous, snobs, elitist, traditional, conservative. They are very clear that studies are the best inheritance, that they can receive from their parents and they prepare thoroughly. They have an intelligent sense of humor. They are modest in their relationships, they hate the vulgar. They are able to put the interests of their family before their own. Closed with strangers. Haughty and distant.

Negative Characteristics:

slow, pessimistic, fatalistic, melancholic, frivolous, fanciful, too perfectionist that leads them to make a fool of themselves, insecure, they tend to be depressed and do not usually accept help. Breakups, problems, illness, relapses, accidents, depressions, rethinking to get out of the problem.

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