Tarot For Gemini

The Gemini Tarot is represented by the Tarot Cards –The Chariot and the Lovers. It is ruled by the planet Mars , the Sun and Mercury . His number is 7 and 6 . Its Element is Air . Its stones are: crystal , beryl and topaz .

The influence that the Chariot and the Lovers have , gives it great complementarity and strength. On the one hand,  Lovers Card represent relationships, love, marriage, children, decision-making, indecision; and by his influence the Chariot represents action, travel, friends in action around him, strength, social position, energy in abundance. The planets Mars, Mercury and the Sun provide him with different aspects, which give him a very wide spectrum of nuances to his personality: action, courage, capacity for action and execution; intelligence, good reasoning; and clarity of ideas, nobility, reason, power of decision, imagination, maturity. On the other hand the numbers 6 and7 , bring you action, easy and natural decision making, energy, travel, friends, movement. And the fact of being Air gives it that ease of expression, intellectuality, curiosity to know, imagination …

They represent people facing an important decision-making process, which in the end has already been decided by destiny, but which they will be faced with. Romantic and passionate couple relationships, marriage, success, action, strength, energy, travel, friends, travel of any kind.

Different Life Stages:

When they are children (The Chariot and the Lovers): it represents the moved and nervous child, who is always running from one place to another, invitations and things to do are piled up. They are never tired, they never want to nap because they would miss out on fun games or opportunities and they are not for work. When they are little, they are usually not good students. They are in too much of a hurry to learn and get bored of slowing down to other people’s rhythm. They are usually self-taught, due to this problem.

When they are young , they are in love, dancers and fun people. They have many friends and they always have excursions, trips and trips with friends to do. They are charlatans and have a lot of power of conviction. They are usually fickle because they always have many plans and ideas that flow and rush to get out.

If we talk about a mature man : a manly and athletic man despite his age. Very active and with a very active social life. Sports and travel lover. We define a man with ease of creating companies, he is launched in business, a good businessman. They are always thinking about how to make money and fruitful business, to get it. Ease of earning money.


Physically they are strong, energetic, overwhelming and athletic. They are usually in good health and always ready to play sports, dance or go on a trip. They are never lazy, to do things and they are very innovative. They have a lot of energy and vitality. They are sure of themselves and know how to transmit that security to others. They are energetic.

In Professional Environment:

At work they do very well. They get along very well with their peers. They are usually the leaders of the Office or of their work. They are innovative and do not need anyone to do their work. The action characterizes them. His power of decision and his great metal clarity help him to advance in his work and in whatever project he gets into.

Professions :

lawyers, teachers, journalists, politicians, diplomats, speakers, preachers, writers, salespeople or salespeople, etc …

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by their versatility, their power of adaptation, their power of communication, their intelligence, their eloquence, their ability to convey affection. They are born intellectuals. They have the power of conviction and they always have followers, who follow them whatever they do.

Negative Characteristics:

excessive nervousness, exasperating, fickle, easily dispersed, problems stabilizing and defining oneself. Precipitation or lack of concentration from doing things too fast and not well thought out or planned.

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