Tarot for Leo

The Leo Tarot is represented by the Tarot cards – The Strength and The Hermit , which is ruled by the planet Mars , by the Sun and Mercury . 

His number is 9 and 2 . 

Its Element is Fire . 

Its stones are ruby , diamond and hyacinth .

The combination of The Strength and The Hermit , gives the Leo Tarot great self-assurance. Since, on the one hand they can reflect and when they take action it is always controlling the situation. 

The 2 and the 9 provide almost the same, they enhance each other: the 2 is the passive subject, duality, opposing forces; the 9 is persistence, generosity and ability to face things, friend of friends, friendly, artistic genius, humanitarian, romantic and sentimental sense. 

And Fire brings strength, great physical attractiveness, action, dynamism, optimism, joy, confidence and self-assurance. The planets are the Sun, Saturn and Mars, which give it a good compendium of qualities, provide them with: clarity of ideas, nobility, reason, power of decision, imagination, maturity; more clarity of ideas and convictions, resolution in the realization of things, spiritual contemplation; action, courage, capacity for action and execution.

It represents a very complete person: he is philosophical, scholar, studious, loneliness, reflection; and at the same time control over situations, luck, good fortune in everything he does. It represents a person who gives security to others, balanced, sensible and lucky. Protective.

Different Life Stages:

When they are young (The Strength and the Hermit): they are people both profound and philosophical, who understand very well how the world works and where they are going; and at the same time they dominate those around them with their charm. They control what happens to them, because they isolate themselves from time to time to think, but life moves very fast for them. They are romantic and in love. They are in love with life and they are sure that theirs will be special and adventurous. Adventure in the broadest sense of the word attracts them.

When they are children , they are very restless and nervous. They are always ready and open to everything. They sign up for a bombing and are happy children. They are usually friendly, outgoing and funny children. It is difficult for them to sit still in class, but they do not lose detail. They are deep children and they have very clear things.

In the adult stage, they are someone, with experience, balanced, well situated, mature, who has everything very controlled and well organized. They are people who care about ensuring a good future from a very young age. They usually enjoy their maturity and old age, because they are very clear about how they want it to be and everything is ready for it. He is a man, who likes to isolate himself from time to time to have his moments of solitude and meditation. They love to read and pursue their various hobbies. Then when they go out, they know how to move very well in society. They are lovers of the theater, concerts, cinema, trips and friends’ meetings, which they organize themselves.


Physically, they usually have an imposing physique. A face with marked features and an important mane. They are lively, funny, smiling, with a sense of humor and strong. They are usually nervous and very vital people, with an overflowing energy. They love sports and dancing. Everything that develops their body and keeps it in shape makes them feel happy, because they have an important point of narcissism. They are usually in good health.

In Love:

Intimacy : they are very sexual. They have a lot of sex appeal, they attract a lot to the opposite sex, so they flirt a lot even if they are married, but they are not usually unfaithful, until the moment they cheat on them. So they run to be unfaithful too. They usually have several partners throughout their lives. They are passionate and devoted, but they need to be flattered, reciprocated in equal measure and they need the preliminaries. They are romantic and the more impetus your partner puts in, the more they will deliver.

In Professional Environment:

At work, they stand out from others for their authority, self-confidence, creativity, and leadership skills. They are always ready to help their colleagues. They have it all so clear. They tend to excel in the job they are in and develop their profession to the fullest reaching the highest positions.

Professions :

musicians, painters, actors, directors, managers, politicians, conductors, businessmen, PR.

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by their frankness, sincerity, authority, self-assurance, honesty, they do not tolerate cheaters or gangsters, they are confident, they impose their ideas but with gentleness and kindness.

Negative Characteristics:

dominant, arrogant, self-centered, dogmatic, intolerant, being the object of scams or fraud, changes of pace in life

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