Tarot For Libra

The Libra Tarot is represented by the tarot cards – the Justice and The Hanged Man. It is ruled by the planet Venus . His number is 8 and 3 . Its Element is Air . Its stones are: diamond , carnelian , lapis lazuli .

Justice and The Hanged Man are similar in their concept of action and provide Tarot Libra with reflection and stand-by before making a decision. The Libra Tarot indicates a period of reflection before taking action; or a period of inactivity or lack of change and action. The planet Venus brings you that femininity, inner beauty, fertility, hope, delicacy, love, marriage, order. The numbers 3 and 8 represent balance and harmony, which is in them. The Air element gives him great ease of expression, curiosity to know, intellectuality and imagination.

Represents fair situations, equity, rigor, balance, situations that need to be judged or make a decision of justice. It represents a moment of impasse, of reflection, to make a good decision without haste, but conscientiously. Situations conducive to associations. As a result of a situation, you get everything in the long run.

When they are young (The Justice and The Hanged Man): they stand out for their style and sympathy. They are never ahead of others, but they are good companions and friends. They sign up for parties, dinners, getaways … but without going over hours or extravagances. They are restrained and rarely lose shape. They never get into fights because they are very diplomatic and what they have to say, they know how to put it delicately.

When they are children , they are shy, calm and good. They are nice, but they are not leaders. They are good friends with their friends. They love extracurricular activities like playing instruments, drawing, dancing.

As Adults, they are balanced, organized, planned and politically correct people in all aspects. They tend to have a very well planned life and Insurance for everything: Life Insurance, Pension Plan and Death Policy. Their social life, which is not lacking, but in the right measure, because they need free time for themselves. They tend to have a well-developed intellectual life: reading, music, painting, golf … They are altruistic and everything they can do to help others they will.


Physically : they are attractive, elegant and neat people. They always know how to dress appropriately for every occasion. Her movements are slow and harmonious.

In Love:

sensual, they love sex and pleasures. They need the preliminaries and stimulate their senses to the fullest. They are happy with beautiful and delicate things. They love to sleep on silk sheets. They like furs and jewelry. They hate jewelry. Her style in dress is usually rather classic with a daring and sexy touch. They are affectionate, romantic and good husbands or partners because they understand others perfectly.

Health : they are usually people who are in good health, because they take care of themselves; and if they have them they go to the doctor quickly and solve it.

In Professional Environment:

At work they have a good capacity for work, because their ideas are orderly and they know how to plan, but they are not one of those who give away their time more than what is strictly stipulated in their contract. It is creative and consistent. If we talk about a business, it is a good time to create a partnership; or if it is about starting a business, it is the right person because it is rigorous and legal. Business may go well in the long run, but with a Libra you will never have problems or cheating.

Professions :

lawyer, diplomat, judge, managers, bankers, writers, artists.

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by having an affable character, they are optimistic, sociable, friendly, with a gift for people, balanced, thoughtful, meticulous, orderly, idealistic, altruistic, rigorous, romantic and elegant. They are also pacifist and calm. They know how to beat others easily. They are very sociable and with their personal charm, they are able to attract many friends and the opposite sex.

Negative Characteristics:

undecided, influenceable, confused, slow, insecure and rethinking, stagnation on some issues, frivolous, disloyal, dissolute,

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