Tarot for Pisces

The Pisces Tarot is represented by the Tarot Card –  The Sun . It is ruled by the planet Neptune . His number is 1 . Its Element is Water . Its stones are: Amethyst , Trisolite and Topaz .

The influence of the Sun , gives it great strength and a very good clarity of ideas. Neptune brings you imagination, creativity, idealism, the spiritual basis of reality, appreciation for beauty, awareness of things, innate sympathy … The number 1 is the beginning of all things, movement, the principle of creative action. All this makes Pisces Tarot creators of innate ideas. The Water element gives you a lot of sensitivity, correct, pleasant, gentle and kind ways of behavior. The planet Neptune It confers consciousness, imagination, intuition, unconscious (mediumistic qualities), sensitivity, humanity, idealism, sympathy, appreciation of beauty.

It represents success, clarity of ideas, happiness, harmony, happy union, happy association, positive friendship, well-being, gratification, tranquility and purity. It represents totally favorable situations, flourishing projects, good vibes, projects with a future.

When they are children (The Sun): represents the type of shy and sensitive children, who find it difficult to detach from their parents. At school, they are docile, participative and cheerful students. They are good friends with their friends and play with everyone (once their shyness has overcome). They are very good at manual work, drawing, painting and extracurricular activities, as long as they are not too rough.

When they are young , they are shy and vulnerable people, who find it difficult to impose their ideas or their will, but they are excellent companions on trips and in any activity, because they engage and participate by supporting their friends in the most pleasant and participatory way.


Physically they are delicate, friendly and kind people. They do not have an imposing or striking physique, but they are usually very attractive and pleasant people.

In Professional Environment:

At work , since they are not ambitious, they have no relationship problems at work. They do not aspire to positions of responsibility; or if they do, they won’t compete to the death with anyone. They are not conflictive people, since they follow the orders of whoever gives them. For them the important thing is to do a good job and enjoy the environment and the result. They work better alone than in a group. If we are going to define a job or a project, it will be a job with very good prospects, which will be developed successfully.

In Love:

In relationships , we define lasting relationships, relationships with a lot of love and a lot of sex, marriage. If we are analyzing the love future of a single person, it means that it will not be for long. Within a couple relationship, the Pisces Tarot will never be the dominant one, but we will speak of a well-matched couple and not of a person subjected by their stronger partner.

Positive Characteristics:

If we talk about a mature man : he is the typical person who dreams of retiring and dedicating himself to his plants, his hobbies, reading, painting, drawing (or whatever his artistic streak may be). In short, to live quietly and be happy with your things and your family and your loved ones.

musicians, painters, writers, poets, cartoonists, singers, actors, psychologists, secretaries, clerks, architects, lawyers, cooperators in NGO’S travelers.

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by their sensitivity, kindness, they are calm and patient, compassionate, altruistic, imaginative, creative, by their attraction to the arts and aesthetics (music, painting, dance, manual work, drawing …). They are not ambitious, they care about others, they always try to help. To highlight his great creative and artistic capacity.

Negative Characteristics:

too idealistic, unrealistic, he lives in his world, he has no ideas of his own. Vulnerable, unwilling, they never take the initiative, they always let themselves be carried away by others.

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