Tarot For Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Tarot is represented by The Empress and the Devil , which is ruled by the planets Mars , Venus , Mercury and Saturn . His number is 3 and 6 . Its Element is Fire . Its stones are: Ruby , Hyacinth , Topaz , Emerald and Turquoise .

It is clearly a sign of fire (a lot of physical attractiveness, self-confidence, joy, action, dynamism, optimism …). They move on impulse, which does not mean that you have not had time to reflect. That yes very fast. The planets define and support the Sagittarius Tarot : action, friends, sensuality, femininity, fertility, brain, intelligence and knowledge. The influence of The Devil and The Empress, gives them great strength and balanced and necessary, to make them seem always so balanced, smiling and ambitious. It is really a good tandem, they complement each other. The planets nourish you with a host of diverse qualities: happiness, beauty, happiness, femininity, love, strength, energy, will, action, travel, intelligence, reasoning, speed of reaction, clarity of ideas and convictions, spiritual contemplation and resolution in the realization of things. Numbers 3 and 6 reinforce all of the above: harmony between mind, body and spirit, love, fertility, femininity, happiness, marriage, power of choice and decision …

It represents a harmonious, emotional and balanced person, but ambitious, aggressive, daring and who is not afraid to take what he wants. Talk about a positive situation, which will have a favorable outcome. It always represents a romantic and very favorable result in love: declaration, marriage, pregnancy … On the other hand, El Diablo gives the situation a playful and daring side, since we are talking about very daring and passionate situations, even transgressive. Any means will be good as long as you get what you want. It could also define a relationship of forces between two people.

When he is a child (The Devil and the Empress): represents the capricious child who wants everything and his mother with the handbrake on all day. They are charming and well-mannered children, balanced, but who suddenly have a tantrum, because they cannot rip something from another child in a bad way. They can be calm and suddenly, stop what they are doing and do something else that interests them more. In the end, they can have many things started and not finish any. That is something you have to fight against, to correct them from a young age, because it can be a defect.

When they are young , they are superficial and restless people because they have many objectives at the same time. Sometimes it is difficult to make things happen, because they go from one to the other without finishing well. Setting a goal and finishing it is your main job. Apart from this problem, which subsists especially in youth, they are very versatile people, who tend to do several sports, have many friends, travel often to visit friends, do two things at the same time, organize adventures of a thousand and a night with the girls …

As adults , they will be well positioned. They will be a balanced, restless person, with an active social life, with personal activities and more than one sport. With many friends. Married and with children. In short, an accomplished , but still with projects in mind, which they hope to be able to shape one day. They are good husband/wives and father/mother when they come to find the ideal partner, which makes them understand that they cannot walk all their lives alone from flower to flower, but you have to leave the rope a little long, so that from time to time they run some little adventure, even with the family.


Physically they are seductive and feminine. If they are men, they are delicate, neat and sensitive, who act with manners and education.

In Love

they are people who understand the couple very well, because they know how to put themselves in their place and know how to give them what they need at all times. Sensuality and sexuality well understood, but with extreme passionate moments, great romances, which end in weddings, children, a perfect family. The good thing is that El Diablo will do, that there is always that element of surprise and passion, that will take the relationship along the path of the senses, discoveries, innovation and will be a perfect lover.

In Professional Environment:

At work they are very versatile and can do a lot of things. Besides, they are people, who usually work on two things at the same time, to achieve all their objectives, which are many. They really like to help and are a good class or work companion. Well channeled and controlled, he is a very good worker. The only danger is that it will scatter, because on the way you have seen a topic that interests you more and then you will try to carry out both. He sees it as perfectly feasible, for him it is very easy.

Professions :

managers, lawyers, teachers, researchers, scientists, public relations, politicians, publicists, musicians and athletes, aerialists, pilots, …

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized : by their optimism, versatility, balance, sensitivity, emotionality, harmony, sympathy, honesty, versatility, fertility, ambition, frankness, positivism, well-being. They always live in very harmonious and well-combined environments. They always become the center of your home, thanks to their great maternal instincts. They are good organizers and careful. Attraction for the unknown, for the innovative. They are adventurers by nature, they love it and they are attracted to risk.

Negative Characteristics:

start many things and not finish any, disappointments, impatience, loneliness, sexual contagion, betrayal and loss of money, fights, breakups, too interested, unscrupulous, too restless, careless, clueless, left. They are transgressors and this can bring them great problems. Excessive optimism makes them make mistakes.

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