Tarot For Scorpio

The Scorpio Tarot is associated with The World , Death and The Wheel of Fortune ,. It is ruled by the planets Sun and Saturn , Mars and Pluto . Its number is 3 and 10 . Its Element is Water . Its stones are: Topaz , Malachite and Jasper .

The influence that The World, Death and The Wheel of Fortune have , gives you incredible strength and perfectly defines a great degree of luck and perfection in your life. Fate will bring you many changes of pace and opportunities, but your ambition, your power of decision and your aspirations for perfection and absolutism will make you aspire to everything. To the highest, the most perfect, power. They tend to be successful. Their numbers say the same thing: harmony, social position and power, and luck and many opportunities. The planets Saturn, Mars, Pluto and the Sungive it a very important strength and complexity: clear concepts, ease of action, spiritual contemplation, strength, courage, daring, action, ability to execute, setbacks in life but the ability to recover, transform, self-control, sexual potency, reason, power of decision, maturity, imagination, intelligence, good reasoning, good advice, nobility. The numbers 3, 4 and 10 give harmony between mind, feelings and body; 4 is the base of the world, social position; and the 10 or the 1 all the dynamism that chance and life can bring you. Your life will not be boring, on the contrary, it will be very hectic.

It represents moments of change and transformation, renovations. Success, luck, fulfillment in a relationship, happiness, well-being, achievement of all your wishes. The world at your feet, in a word, complete happiness, resounding success, the full execution of your will.

When they are children (The World and The Wheel of Fortune): represents the seductive child, who with a simple drop of the eyelids melts the heart of his mother or the teacher. A child with an agile mind and curious about everything and everything. The gifted learner, who moves the class forward with his intelligent and insightful questions. Nervous, but at the same time attentive to everything and recording all the explanations on his hard drive, so that they are never forgotten again. At home, he is the affectionate and seductive child, who is everyone’s love. Attentive to everyone’s wishes, it will become essential and charming. Although he is also very sensitive and if he reprimands him, he is very upset. Everything in his life takes on great dimensions. You have to be careful with him.

When they are young , they are scattered, nervous, seductive people. They are interested in everything and want to do everything and they do everything well. In some cases, they may seem somewhat lost, because it may seem that they are not defined and do not know what they want. Quite the contrary, they do know, the problem is that they want everything or at least they want 2 things a lot and since everything works out for them, it is harder for them to define themselves. Their spectrum is so wide, that they are open to everything and there is a Universe of interesting topics that absorb them. They tend to sleep little, because they do not want to miss anything.

As Adults, they have realization of truth of life and satisfied and well earning. Savoring the honeys of his successes. Of very high, high or well-off social position. With everything under control, but always with ideas and goals to pursue. A man with many hobbies and personal activities, which fill and quench his thirst for ambition and continue climbing to the top, but paid for himself. The other side of the coin, it is better not to imagine it, because he is a dissatisfied, nervous man, feeling like a failure, overwhelmed, who belittles himself, nervous and sarcastic against himself. It is logical that a person, who has had so many opportunities in life and who has decision-making power, feels this way, when in his maturity he realizes that he has not known how to take advantage of them.


Physically they are varied. They are not defined, but what makes them stand out is their self-confidence, their poise, their coldness when it comes to acting. Cold and calculating look, but with a lot of magnetism. Speed ​​of movements.

In Professional Environment:

At work they are multifaceted. They are good for almost everything. Her professional life is usually successful and has no limits. Well directed and channeling their energy well, they are crack, they can become the undisputed leaders wherever they are. They are very smart and energetic. They are crazy and addicted to work when it interests them, they are capable of giving their best and giving themselves totally. They tend to be very successful in everything they do, because they are calculating, they plan well and develop a project very well. Its conclusion is always brilliant and apotheosis. They are usually good bosses, but very demanding. For them there are no schedules, only priorities, objectives and success. Now a Scorpio Tarot Unmotivated is null and vague, with the aggravating factor that annoys others and is fussy.

In Love

 They are the perfect lovers: romantic and passionate, detailed, sensual. For them, making love is an art, which takes them to a spiritual world and of sensations. Now they are possessive and jealous. For them, a relationship progresses very quickly and is consolidated or broken very quickly as well. If the other fails, disappoints, and hurts deeply, the relationship is over.

Relationships : For them, everything goes very fast and they may want to marry at 3 months and at 9 they have tired and moved on to something else. It is difficult for them to make a relationship last. Your relationships with your partner experience sudden changes. Passionate moments at full throttle and sudden breakups. Jealousy, infidelity, marriages, boyfriends, occasional lovers.

Professions :

lawyers, doctors, scientists, journalists, writers, diplomats, detectives, police officers, chef de cuisine, conductor, opera Divo, actor or film or theater director, commercials, speakers…. Infinite…

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by their tenacity, ambition, willpower, will to excel, their magnetism, sensitivity, energy, being leaders, their clarity of ideas, concepts and well-defined goals. They aim for the highest, the most ambitious. With them there are no half measures: either all or nothing. They are passionate and aggressive despite their apparent calm. They know they are powerful and they are. But they are very sensitive to the comments of others. They may feel hurt by a bad word or a betrayal and cut that person out of their lives forever. They are very close friends of their friends, totally faithful, but the same, if someone disappoints you, they will separate you forever.

Negative Characteristics:

overly critical, arrogant, resentful, loss of control, aggressive, jealous, possessive, obsessive, compulsive, lazy, stubborn, apathetic, lack of goals, nervousness, destructive of themselves and others. Lack of selfesteem.

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