Tarot For Taurus

The Taurus Tarot is The Heirophant , which is ruled by the planet Jupiter . His number is 5 . Its Element is Earth . Its stones are: emeralds , coral and lapis lazuli .

The influence that The Heirophant has on the Taurus is what gives it this deep and sensible personality of all the acquired knowledge. The number 5 brings you the aspiration to wisdom, the harmony between the spiritual, the earthly and the intellectual. The pragmatism of the Earth , our greatest qualities, attitudes and skills that we develop. The planet Jupiter brings you temperance and balance.

They are people who are characterized by being very straight, very balanced, evolved, sensible, very cultured and wise. They have a total respect for the universal, spiritual and earthly laws. In addition, they have the ability or rather coexist in them that feeling of divine will, of a universal order. They think that you have to accept things as they come, because if God sends them it will be for something. For them it is very important to respect the laws and be tolerant with everyone, accept the destiny that God sends us and assume our responsibilities. They are very mature people, used to reflect well before acting. They are not selfish at all and always think of others.

The Taurus Tarot represents people endowed with a very great sense of ethics and are morally faultless. They are people capable of finding meaning and order, where others only see chaos. They are usually good counselors and know how to listen very well to others, and then advise them and help them with any problems they may have. They are people who are successful in life, because they study each step they take conscientiously and are not usually wrong. Assuming they encounter problems along the way, they know how to deal with and solve them all successfully. If they have to face problems, they face them without any laziness and solve the unknowns in the most effective and flawless way possible.

In Love:

As for love , they are people, who offer a mature relationship of balanced people and playing a rather protective role. It would be a paternalistic relationship, in which they would establish themselves as those responsible for the couple. With a lot of affection and a lot of respect, they would have an ideal relationship. The intelligentsia and spirituality would go hand in hand.

Professions :

they are usually counselors, lawyers, judges, doctors, psychiatrists …

Positive Characteristics:

organized and impeccable. Ideal to create a company or work with them, because they will never have problems with them. They will never try to deceive anyone and if they create a company, it will always be from the law.

Negative Characteristics:

stubborn, heavy, sentimentality, they never give their arm to twist.

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