Tarot For Virgo

The Virgo Tarot is represented by the Tarot Card – the Temperance Tarot Card , which is ruled by the planet Mercury . His number is 5 . Its Element is Earth . Its stones are: pink jasper , hyacinth and topaz .

The influence that Temperance instills in her makes her a very restrained, balanced person, not at all strident, orderly, with self-control, who directs herself to obtain the result that he wants. The planet Mercury gives you intelligence, good judgment, reasoning, faith and firm beliefs, eloquence and speed of reaction. On the other hand, the number 5 , bring you the aspiration to wisdom, the harmony between the spiritual, the earthly and the intellectual. The Earth as an element, brings pragmatism, attitudes, our greatest qualities, which we are capable of developing.

If we talk about situations , it represents situations that are under control and balanced. Regeneration situations and constructive rethinking. It represents people who know how to listen, support, advise and help everyone. It usually announces the signing of profitable contracts or new positive and lucrative partnerships.

When they are children , they are rather withdrawn, insecure and shy. They are ashamed of everything and need the support of their parents well into their youth. They all have to ask, to be sure that they are going to do well. They are the perfect students, they like to learn, go to class, study. Your homework notebooks are spotless and spotless. They have a correct planing and nothing escapes them. The teachers love them. They are calm and friendly.

When they are young (Temperance): they are shy, but friendly with their friends. They are always ready to listen and help. They are calm and level-headed, making him a faithful and lifelong friend. In love, it is another story, they never give themselves completely and this makes it difficult for them to establish a relationship with a partner, but when they do it is forever. Once in flour, they are very affectionate.

If we speak of a mature person : we speak of someone pristine. Their home and life will be in perfect order. They have everything planned in little folders and nothing escapes them, for the day something happens, the family does not have to search too much. Medical, Life, Burial, Income … No detail is missing. Their collections will be finished and they will be viewed with pride (their lifelong work). Your family and friends will be in perfect condition, formal and impeccable relationships. They will have a calm and full old age.


Physically : they tend to go unnoticed. They are usually discreet and sensitive men and women. Her style is discreet and elegant. They are usually slim, neat and impeccable.

In Love:

They are very modest and shy. They do not live sex in a very comfortable way, but when they give themselves because they are in love, they are usually very romantic, affectionate and dedicated. They have everything under control, but they have to be sure that this person is worth it and that they are entitled to it in the same way.

In Professional Environment:

At work, they stand out from the rest for their ability to organize and order everything. They do not miss details or forget anything. They tend to have stable jobs and maintain positive and related attitudes with the people and the company they are in. They tend to have very good working relationships. He will never be a leader (he is not interested either), instead he is the perfect second or helper.

Professions :

administrators and clerks, social workers, consultants, psychologists, musicians, scientists, secretaries, doctors and nurses, librarians, writer, historian editors. They are very good at foreign languages.

Positive Characteristics:

They are characterized by being respectful, restrained, intelligent, meticulous, reserved, clean, precise, kind and helpful. They love order and have everything in their little boxes (shoes, perfumes, jewelry, …). They also usually make collections of things (stamps, matchboxes, rosaries, stickers, coasters …). They love healthy life: sports and eating a healthy diet. Hygiene is another of their strengths, as they are extremely clean and scrupulous.

Negative Characteristics:

overly picky and meticulous, frigid, cold, tight, dirty, careless, messy, distant, and unpleasant.

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