The Crow as Spirit Animal

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The crow is a totem animal associated with the mysteries of life and magic. The power of this totem bird is to provide the perspective and the means necessary to support your goals and aspirations. 

A sign of luck, it is also associated with the archetype of the crook and deception. If the crow or the crow has chosen you as a totem animal, it accompanies you in the development of your ability to observe, take perspective, as well as your connection with the magic of life.

The Crow as Spirit Animal : Symbolism

Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. The most common meanings are:

  • The magic of life, the mystery of creation
  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • A higher perspective
  • Be brave, daring
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • The manipulator, the deceiver

Other traditional meanings associate the raven with signs of bad omen, death, and witchcraft. The crow also symbolizes the power of prophetic intuition and the source of creation.

The Crow as Spirit Animal : Meaning

Here are the most striking features of the Crow (as spirit animal) to inspire you.

The crow, a spirit animal symbolic of magic

Crows are often associated with magic and the power to play with appearances. In his classic animal totem essay “Animals Speak”, Ted Andrews mentions that crows or crows are common animals that we can find all around the globe. As such, they are a reminder that magic is everywhere. When you meet a crow, observe its behavior: It will give you an idea on how to use the power of this animal totem.

Due to its affinity with the mysteries of life and magic, the crow is considered in many shamanic traditions as the totem animal of choice for those who use magic and the power to manipulate the laws of our material universe. Thus, the crow often appears as the totem of choice for shamans, those who practice witchcraft.

The crow and the mysteries of life

Crows are usually black in color with bluish tints depending on the light shining on them. Their color is symbolic of the origins of creation, of the “great void” and of what has not yet taken shape. Fascinating totem animals, they carry the energy of the mysteries of life and the power of inner transformation.

As a guide or protective animal, the crow supports you as you explore the mysteries of life and develop your ability to perceive subtle energy changes within you and your surroundings. He has the ability to go beyond appearances and illusions, in particular the duality between good and evil, interior and exterior.

The crow or crow totem: the power of perception

Ravens are known to build their nests in very tall trees. By doing this, he can get a better view or perspective of the rest of his surroundings. By affinity with this trait, those who have the crow as a totem animal can enjoy a vantage point from where they can see things from a wider perspective.

The crow and the crow are also constantly on the lookout for intruders and predators. The cry they make is characteristic of the shrill sound of birds warning other members of their clan even at the greatest distance. When you see this animal mascot, be on the lookout.

The crow totem animal and the teaching of daring and determination

Have you ever watched a group of crows band together and hunt birds much larger than them? This characteristic behavior makes this animal mascot useful when you need support in facing adversity. By affinity with the spirit of this totem pole, you are encouraged to develop the power of your personal will and to express what is authentic in you with less constraints.

Crows always seem to be able to get by, whether it’s when they grab a piece of food on the road or sneak into other birds’ nests to steal or eat their eggs. By similarity to this trait, those who have the crow or the crow as their totem or animal of power may be careful not to indulge in the deception or manipulation of others.