The Hermit (Tarot Card Meaning): major arcana card 9

Card NameThe Hermit
Card Number9
Arcana Major Arcana, the major stages or lessons of Life
Element Earth
Numerology 9, associated with accomplishment, wisdom and the achievement of one’s goal
Planet / Constellation Mercury
Plant Licorice
Places Isolated regions .
The closed places, the prison, the cave, 
the monastery , the hospice.
The places of research , the laboratory.
Stone / Crystal  Peridot
Hebrew Letter: Yod
Sun SignVirgo , Aquarius
Affirmation Loneliness is the nest of thoughts.
Yes/No Tarot Maybe

The Hermit (Upright) Keywords:

  • Inner wisdom, spiritual research
  • Loneliness, calm, withdrawal
  • Teaching, teacher

The Hermit (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Repeating the same mistakes
  • Lack of discernment
  • Loneliness too heavy

The Hermit: symbolism

The Hermit card represents an old man on top of a mountain. His pilgrim’s staff symbolizes both his spiritual journey and the knowledge he has acquired about Man and himself. He holds his staff in his left hand, the hand of the Unconscious. He also carries a lantern which contains a star, a symbol of wisdom. He wears it with his right hand, the hand that represents intelligence and consciousness.

His gaze is directed downwards. This means that his Energy is turned towards himself, towards inner wisdom and introspection.

Arrived at the top of the mountain, the Hermit is ready to share his wisdom and his secrets… but he will have to earn them and climb this mountain. Only those and those who have a desire as fervent as the Hermit for wisdom and intimate knowledge will be able to join him.

The Hermit: general description

The Hermit Card indicates that you are in a period of questioning and introspection. You seek in yourself the answers to fundamental questions of life, questions that you have been asking for a long time and whose answers are essential. You question your motivations, your Path of Life, your values.

These reflections require taking a step back and you may feel cut off from the world, out of touch with those around you. It is possible for his questions to be heavy and lead you to a certain withdrawal into oneself.

the Hermit is reassuring. Through meditation, relaxation and intuitive practices, you can find in yourself, the answers that you seeks. 

The very fact of being in search of these answers shows that you have progressed drastically in his spiritual journey. you know that Life has a deep meaning, that everyone is looking for this meaning and their place and that everyone takes different paths to reach the top of * his * mountain.

The Hermit Positive Personality Traits

  • Experience, longevity, wisdom
  • Caution, rigor, reserve, discretion
  • Purity , cleanliness, abstinence

The Hermit Negative Personality Traits

  • misanthropy,  austerity
  • Wear and tear, frustration, introversion
  • Stubbornness , rigidity, impassibility

The Hermit (Upright) Meaning

The Hermit card in the upright position indicates Caution and Discretion. It also indicates need for prudence and Counsel sought & taken.

The Hermit card stands for Inner calm and a need to reach into one’s inner resources.

The Hermit card shows assimilation and Planning.

It stands for a wise guide or spiritual mentor.

When the hermits card appears in a reading, it is a time to stand back and reflect upon circumstances.

The Hermit (Upright) Keywords:

  • Inner wisdom, spiritual research
  • Loneliness, calm, withdrawal
  • Teaching, teacher
  • Introspection, inner reflection, inner calm,
  • soul searching, the inner self

The Hermit (Reversed) Meaning

The hermit card in the reversed position shows Refusal of counsel or take assistance. It shows Lack of maturity and i also solation from others.

Reversed Hermit cards indicates a negative resistance towards help. It shows groundless suspicions about the motives of others.

Reversed Hermit cards stands for Imprudent actions or decisions. It shows the continuation of bad habits or unproductive lifestyles.

It is an indication of Foolish obstinacy.

The reversed Hermit card shows the reliance on one’s own resources which are inadequate.

The Hermit (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Repeating the same mistakes
  • Lack of discernment
  • Loneliness too heavy
  • Refusal of counsel or take assistance,
  • immaturity,
  • isolation, bad habits, suspicions.

The Hermit in Love Tarot Reading

The Hermit is a solitary card. In a Love reading, it most often indicates that the person is not yet ready to fully live the love story he or she is waiting for. It is possible that events of the past are not “digested”, that a page is not completely turned. 

It is also possible that you do not know what you are looking for in your Life partner. The Hermit advises to seek in oneself what could be the cause of these “love failures” and what is most important in a Life partner in his eyes.

If are already in a relationship, the Hermit indicates a great need for hindsight. What future can you envisage with your partner? Is the relationship fully satisfactory? On what plan (s)? The Hermit advises the utmost honesty with oneself.

If you feel that your partner is moving away, The Hermit advises to give you the necessary time for your own introspection work … even if this is difficult for you or if it worries you. This break is essential.

The Hermit for Love (Positive meaning)

  • Love strengthened by time
  • Great loyalty, deep interest
  • Rare relationship , but of quality
  • To love each other for who we are

The Hermit for Love (Negative meaning)

  • Lackluster in a relationship
  • Withdrawal
  • Lack of long-term projects

The Hermit in Career Tarot Reading

In a Tarot card spread concerning the work, The Hermit indicates that you gain in autonomy, that you are ready to take charge alone on a project, a file or even a business creation. 

You are in a phase of your life where working alone suits you best. It is even possible that teamwork weighs on you.

If you are in difficulty at work, The Hermit advises to take a step back to analyze the situation. You must position yourself as an outside observer to understand the situation differently, see all the ins and outs and find the solution to your problem.

The Hermit for Career (Positive meaning)

  • Serious , sustainability of the company
  • Experience, professionalism, logic
  • Resistance, tenacity, perseverance

The Hermit for Career (Negative meaning)

  • Shortness of breath , slowing down of activity
  • Wanted, lack of realization
  • Long-term projects compromised , no evolution

The Hermit in Finances Tarot Reading

In a Draw on Money or Finances, The Hermit states that the best approach right now is a conservative one: no reckless spending or risky investments. 

On the other hand, if you wish to invest in yourself – training, personal development… – the Hermit validates the interest of the process and therefore of the expense.

The Hermit also indicates that you are not interested in material matters. It is possible that you separate from its material assets. 

Consuming, buying is not as important as it used to be in your eyes. Earning money is not the priority or – at a minimum – earning money is not what is most important for you.

The Hermit for Finances (Positive meaning)

  • Good long-term investments
  • Building a beautiful legacy
  • Decency, despite fortune
  • Live well , despite poverty

The Hermit for Finances (Negative meaning)

  • Avarice
  • Poverty, begging
  • Lack of inheritance
  • Austerity

The Hermit in Health Tarot Reading

  • Bones, joints (rheumatism), eye (blindness), ear (deafness), bladder.
  • Aging , senility , fatigue , longevity .
  • Problems related to the prostate.

The Hermit in Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Hermit is a card of hindsight and introspection. It invites you to reflect on your Life, what you want to accomplish, what is most important to you. 

This can result in a reflection on your spiritual journey, on the values ​​of your authentic Being and on your Path of Life.

If climbing the mountain represents total accomplishment, what is your montage? Where are you in your ascent? Who is by your side? Do these people, do your choices help you go up or on the contrary do they pull you down? 

There are no right or wrong answers… there are only yours and you have to discover them in full transparency with yourself.

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