The High Priestess (Tarot Card Meaning): major arcana card 2

Card NameThe High Priestess
Card Number2
Arcana Major Arcana, the major stages or lessons of Life
Element  Water
Numerology 2 , associated with the choice
Planet / Constellation The Moon
Plant Peony
Places The bookstore , the library, the publishing house.
The consulting room, the hospital , the clinic (gynecology, pediatrics).
Stone / Crystal   Agate
Hebrew Letter: Gimel
Sun Sign  Virgo
Affirmation Wisdom begins in wonder

The High Priestess (Upright) Keywords:

  • Intuition
  • Unconscious
  • Mysteries and secrets

The High Priestess (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Intuition and inner wisdom blocked
  • Keep secrets
  • Losing your authentic Being

The High Priestess: symbolism

The High Priestess or High Priestess is a beautiful woman seated on a throne between two stone pillars which represent Day and Night, Light and Darkness. 

She holds in her hands a manuscript which symbolizes the knowledge and wisdom that we come to seek in the Tarot. She keeps the Moon and its mysteries at bay with her foot.

Feminine, receptive, centered on her feelings and her inner world, the Energy of the High Priestess is that of mystery, intuition and revealed secrets. 

The High Priestess forms a natural couple with the Magician, masculine principle, active and open , which precedes her in the Major Arcana.

The High Priestess: general description

The High Priestess represents the link with the Unconscious and its information which reaches us through dreams and symbols. When it appears in a Draw, it is important to pay attention to these signs and listen to your Intuition. 

Current problems or future difficulties will not be solved by logic or reflection… it is time for the Consultant to listen to his inner wisdom.

The High Priestess can also symbolize the unknown. 

It indicates that the life of the person is changing. Anything that gives it stability and security is no longer a given. 

If some mysteries or secrets are now revealed, everything is not yet known. These changes are an opportunity for the person to connect a little more to his Authentic Being and to live in a way more aligned with his life goals.

The High Priestess Positive Personality Traits

  • Stay hidden .
  • Initiation, discovery.
  • Security, protection .
  • Help from a woman.

The High Priestess Negative Personality Traits

  • Indifference, intrigue, cover- ups , secrecy
  • Confusion , illusion, forgetfulness
  • A hypocritical, lunatic woman
  • Hidden, elusive obstacle.

The High Priestess (Upright) Meaning

Intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge, the feminine side of the male personality. Something remains yet to be revealed, but patience must be observed.

Duality and mystery. Hidden influences affect both home and work and intuitive insight suggests new solutions. The influence of women.

The High Priestess (Upright) Keywords:

  • Intuitive insights,
  • deep knowledge,
  • mysteries revealed,
  • imagination,
  • psychic and artistic ability.

The High Priestess (Reversed) Meaning

The high priestess represents lack of personal harmony and problems resulting from a lack of foresight.

This card also shows Suppression of the feminine or intuitive side of the personality. The high priestess indicates Facile and superficial knowledge.

The High Priestess can be an indication of Repression and ignorance of true facts and feelings.

In women, this card can show, an inability to come to terms with other women or themselves. Also, things and circumstances are not what they seem.

The High Priestess (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Lack of foresight,
  • ignorance of facts,
  • things not what they seem,
  • the suppressed feminine side.

The High Priestess in Love Tarot Reading

In Love, the High Priestess represents an intense, deep and lasting relationship between two beings who understand and complement each other perfectly. 

The relationship is guided by Intuition, both partners feel a very strong intuitive connection to each other.

If the person is in a relationship and is going through difficulties, the High Priestess advises him to listen to his intimate wisdom. 

If the person does not feel good in this couple, it is time to talk about it with his partner, to understand where the discomfort is coming from.

The High Priestess for Love (Positive meaning)

  • Self esteem .
  • Control of feelings and emotions.
  • Desire for marriage or pregnancy .
  • Preparation of a happy surprise.
  • Maternal wisdom .
  • feel Sorry.

The High Priestess for Love (Negative meaning)

  • Resentment , hypocrisy, backbiting.
  • Lie, plot, betrayal.
  • Difficulty expressing feelings .
  • Risk of loneliness.
  • Female enemy.
  • Withdrawal , suffocating silence.
  • Frigidity, frustration

The High Priestess in Career Tarot Reading

In a Tarot spread related to Work , things may not be exactly as the person sees them. 

The High Priestess indicates that some information is hidden; the person does not know all the ins and outs. It is also possible that this “secret” will continue for some time.

However, it is very likely that the person already knows what to do, how to behave or how to react… and in a completely intuitive way. 

It’s time to listen to her little voice and let yourself be guided.

The High Priestess for Career (Positive meaning)

  • Have experience , skills, know-how.
  • Be discreet. Be wise.
  • Creative force (writers, artists …).
  • Wait with confidence

The High Priestess for Career (Negative meaning)

  • Poor technical knowledge.
  • Be kept away .
  • Decisions made about you are hidden.
  • Not to please , not to arouse interest.
  • False impressions

The High Priestess in Finances Tarot Reading

When we talk about Money and Finances, The High Priestess tells the person that certain information is not in his possession, that things remain hidden or misunderstood.

This is not the time to take radical decisions without being certain to have all the information available and to have fully understood the consequences of such expenditure or such investment. 

The person must pay attention to those in whom he trusts.

The High Priestess for Finances (Positive meaning)

  • Tough and rigorous management, but excellent .
  • Thrifty, prudence and foresight in the face of hazards.

The High Priestess for Finances (Negative meaning)

  • The economy is not healthy.
  • Hidden expenses , lying to yourself.
  • Greed, rigged accounts.
  • Risk of restrictions .

The High Priestess in Health Tarot Reading

  • The vagina, uterus, anus.
  • Childbirth .
  • The mouth, the tongue, the throat.
  • Maternal inheritance.
  • All the problems that have not yet been concretely revealed (tumors, infections, viruses, etc.)
  • Gynecological problems.
  • Migraines , allergies.
  • Eye disorders (glaucoma, cataracts, etc.)

The High Priestess in Spirituality Tarot Reading

How do you relate to your Intuition? Are you able to listen to it? Do you trust your inner voice?

Your spiritual journey is guided by Intuition. Connection to the Divine is made more through the heart than through the head. It escapes logical reasoning and cannot be learned from books. 

Trust your inner compass because it guides your choices towards more alignment with your values, your true desires and your authentic Being.

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