The Horse as Spirit Animal

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The horse totem animal symbolizes passion and appetite for freedom. Among all the totems, it is emblematic of the motivation that carries us through life. The meaning of the horse varies depending on how it presents itself to you: It can come across as wild, tame, moving freely, or forced to live in a confined space.

The Symbolic of the Horse

Horses are strongly symbolic of freedom. Typical meanings associated with them are:

  • Motivation, the desire to live
  • Passion, your wild desire for freedom
  • Another meaning for the horse totem is the balance between the instinctive and “tame” parts of your personality.
  • Sexual energy
  • Male energy
  • Strong emotions, passionate desires
  • If the horse is represented as constrained or captive, it can symbolize restrained instincts

A complete interpretation of the symbolism of the horse takes into account the different facets of this animal. To better understand the meaning of this totem for you, be sure to consider the positive and negative meanings and see which ones resonate the most with you.

The Horse as Spirit Animal : Meaning

Here are the most striking features of the horse (as spirit animal) to inspire you.

The horse totem animal, symbol of the appetite for life

The horse totem pole is likely to represent your inner strength and the driving force at work in your life. The typical symbolism associated with the horse is that of physical vitality, but also our psychological or emotional capacity to move forward in life.

Depending on the symbolic associations this animal has for you, it could represent your ability to overcome life’s obstacles and pursue your goal no matter what may come your way.

The horse, a symbolic totem for freedom of expression

The horse is an animal domesticated by man but which maintains a strong wild energy of its own. As a totem animal, it relates to the ability to express oneself freely and confidently in social environments such as work, school, or circles of family and friends.

Meditate on your animal mascot: Seeing a horse run free is a sign that your will is free and your freedom of expression is strong. A galloping wild horse might also symbolize a part of your personality or emotions that are difficult to deal with and dominate life instead of you dominating them.

The spirit of the horse and the representation of the mastery of natural instincts

According to psychologist Carl Jung, horses symbolize natural forces overpowered by human beings. Just as we harness a horse to ride it or use its power, we can harness our natural vitality or nature to serve us and take us further.

The horse totem, especially if it appeared to you in a dream, is likely to represent your life energy and your enthusiasm for expressing your authentic self. This totem pole could also be a reflection of how you deal with your primitive desires, whether you experience them harmoniously, or if they are difficult to control.

Another meaning of the horse as a totem animal sees it as a symbol of primary instincts. So, this animal can represent how we control the driving forces of our life. This can include the way we experience and express our sexuality, but also creativity and the instinct for survival.