The Lovers (Tarot Card Meaning): major arcana card 6

Card NameThe Lovers
Card Number6
Arcana Major Arcana, the major stages or lessons of Life
Element Air
Numerology 6
Planet / Constellation Venus
Plant Parsley
Places A crossroads, a bridge
meeting places
Stone / Crystal  Ruby
Hebrew Letter: Zain
Sun Sign Gemini
Affirmation To love is to find wealth outside of oneself

The Lovers (Upright) Keywords:

  • Love, romantic relationship
  • Agreement, union
  • Duality, choice

The Lovers (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Incompatibility, dispute
  • Breaking
  • Lack of mutual understanding

The Lovers: symbolism

The Lovers’ Card represents a man and a woman, naked. Above them: the resplendent Sun and Archangel Raphael protect them. They are in a lush garden that evokes ease and happiness. They look at each other, get closer and communicate.

The apple tree and the serpent behind the young woman evoke the Garden of Eden and the story of Adam and Eve, of the temptation and separation of Man and the Divine. 

Behind the man, a tree with 12 flames, like the signs of the Zodiac, symbolizes Eternity.

The Lovers: general description

The Lovers represent harmony and reciprocal feelings. The two characters have great confidence in each other. 

They know each other very well, share the same values. They face life’s hardships together and support each other.

The Lovers’ Card is not all about love. The Lovers are the Card of strong alliances, of the balance between body and mind, between the feminine principle and the masculine principle. 

This harmony, this reciprocity can manifest itself in all areas of life: friendship, work, entrepreneurship or any situation in which two living forces combine to pursue – and achieve! – the same objective. 

For you, it can be about finding his place, finding a job or even being at peace with oneself.

Lovers also symbolize the notion of choice. You may be faced with a difficult decision to make. This choice will have very important impacts in your life, it is therefore essential that the best decision be made. 

The path that seems easiest today is not necessarily the one that will be the most positive in the long run. 

The other Cards in the Draw should help you to project yourself into these different scenarios and imagine the procedure to follow.

The Lovers Positive Personality Traits

  • Honesty, sincerity
  • Cheerfulness, enthusiasm, elation
  • Openness to others , kindness

The Lovers Negative Personality Traits

  • Selfishness, jealousy
  • Coldness, cynicism
  • Capricious, unpleasant

The Lovers (Upright) Meaning

The Lovers card denotes Harmony and union, choices to be made using intuition and not intellect.

The Lovers card shows difficult decisions to be made not necessarily about love.

The Lovers card stands for some form of test and consideration about commitments.

The Lovers card indicates abstract thought, internal harmony and union, second sight; Possibly a struggle between two paths.

The Lovers (Upright) Keywords:

  • Love, romantic relationship
  • Agreement, union
  • Duality, choice
  • Determination,
  • attraction, magnetism,
  • intuition,
  • choices

The Lovers (Reversed) Meaning

The Lovers in reversed position tells you to be aware of underhand dealings, contradiction, disharmony, duality and one’s own internal conflict.

The Lovers in reversed position shows romantic issues and disturbances. It also indicates Indecisiveness, postponing choices.

It warns about about making important decisions at this time.

The Lovers (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Incompatibility, dispute
  • Breaking
  • Lack of mutual understanding
  • Contradiction,
  • disharmony,
  • internal conflict,
  • fidelity issues,
  • beware of making big decisions.

The Lovers in Love Tarot Reading

The Lovers Card is “the” Love Card in the Tarot. It indicates a serene, deep and lasting relationship between two beings who love, understand and support each other. 

It could be an upcoming love for you or an existing relationship that grows and intensifies.

If you are going through difficulties in your relationship, the Lovers invite you to think about what you are looking for in your life partner, what is most essential in their eyes. It is important to know this in order to communicate to others your expectations and desires.

Sometimes the Card announces a choice in matters of romantic relationship. 

Most often, you have to choose between your life partner and a second person with whom you have fallen in love.

The Lovers for Love (Positive meaning)

  • Love , rich, happy and positive emotional life
  • Joy of living, cheerfulness
  • Presentation of the fiancé (e) to the family

The Lovers for Love (Negative meaning)

  • Lack of feelings, desires
  • Coldness, jealousy, reproaches
  • Infidelity, rivalry, breakup

The Lovers in Career Tarot Reading

In a Tarot card spread, The Lovers indicates that you have an important choice to make and that he feels torn by the various possibilities. 

Which career to choose? Should you quit your job? Start your activity? If “doing nothing” or “deciding nothing” seems to be the most comfortable option, you are likely to be less and less satisfied with your situation as time passes.

The Lovers invite you to weigh the pros and cons, to find out what is most important to you – for example to have a job that is less well paid but more in line with their values ​​- and to make the decision which in the long run. term will bring you the most satisfaction.

It can happen that The Lovers card evokes good understanding between two colleagues, an alliance, without necessarily going as far as a romantic relationship in the professional context.

The Lovers for Career (Positive meaning)

  • Several proposals, agreement, alliance, contract
  • Good professional choice , cooperation
  • Dynamic and positive youth, attractiveness
  • Favorable turn in career / company

The Lovers for Career (Negative meaning)

  • Constrained choices
  • Inextricable situation
  • Multiple and contradictory commitments
  • Bad atmosphere

The Lovers in Finances Tarot Reading

The Lovers indicate that two forces combine for the greater good of your finances. It may be a question of joining forces with a wealth advisor or a notary, to benefit from your sound advice. 

It can be about pooling assets or making an investment with a partner.

Even if you have to be patient, the result should be positive or even surprising.

The Lovers for Finances (Positive meaning)

  • Opportunity to improve business
  • Sharing

The Lovers for Finances (Negative meaning)

  • Spend, get into debt
  • Believe that love can be bought

The Lovers in Health Tarot Reading

  • Average vitality , existential anxieties
  • Poor circulation in the legs, edema, hemorrhoids
  • Liver and kidney problems

The Lovers in Spirituality Tarot Reading

The Lovers are a Card of harmony and love. Do you feel in harmony with yourself? Are you aligned with your values ​​and your Authentic Being? 

The hustle and bustle of life, the worries of everyday life sometimes take you away from your spiritual path, throw you off balance and tire you.

If you have drawn the Lovers’ Card, now is the time to ask yourself what you can do for yourself to restore anchorage and well-being in your life. 

What do you want? What would do you the most good? Meditation, relaxation therapy, energy work… all avenues are good if they call for you! Choose with your heart.

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