The Magic of Gemstones in Astrology

 Gemestones have been worn for ages as a remedy for problems and for increasing luck. Ancient scriptures from across the world regard gemstones as powerful agents of energy that influence human fate and destiny, induce good energy and expel the negative energy that produces sickness and suffering. The effectiveness has benefited many. Hence today, we see so many people availing the benefit of Gemstones. 

Gemstone can be worn for various reasons like: 

  • – Advancement in Career
  • – Betterment in family Life
  • – Success in Education
  • – Increasing your Luck
  • – Health Reasons 

Using Gemstones for Healing:

or ages, gemstones have been used for healing mental as well as physical disorders. Know more about which gemstone is used for healing which 

Will Gemstone work for you

Gemstones have varied degrees of effect on different individuals. Some benefit more from it than others. A professional astrologer can help you know details about would the gemstone work for you or not. The Gemstone in the ring should touch your finger.

Gemstones can help reduce your problem. Anyone who wants to overcome their issues should wear the right gemstone.

Selecting the Right Gemstone :

First of all, it is very important to decide the purpose for which you want to wear the stone. A professional astrology will suggest you the right Gemstone accordingly. He will also tell you the period for which the gemstone should be worn.  

The weight of the gemstone and the metal of the ring in which it is set are also important.

Every planet  has a Gemstone associated with it. To wear a gemstone, is to add the energy of the planet related to the gemstone. If the planet is badly aspected in your kundali, it will only add to one’s problems. Hence it is always necessary to consult a good astrologer before selecting the gemstone.

How to wear gemstone :

It is always advisable to wear the rings of different gems on different fingers . Each finger is related to a particular planet, the ring should be worn on the finger connected with the planet. Each gemstone has to be worn on a particular day. There is also distinction between the right and left hand: the right hand is solar and the left hand is lunar. If a person seeks balance in life then he has to wear a ring with the gem, related with the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn,Rahu and Ketu on the left hand(i.e solar gems on the lunar hand). The gems related with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter should be worn on the right hand.

  • ·  Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) – Index Finger for the planet Jupiter(Guru) to be worn on Thursday.
  • ·  Blue Sapphire (Neelam)- Middle Finger for the Planet Saturn (Shani) to be worn on Saturday.
  • ·  Hessonite (Gomedh)- Middle Finger for the Planet Rahu (Dragon Head) to be worn on Saturday.
  • ·  Cat’s Eye (Lahasunya)- Middle Finger for the Planet Ketu (Dragon Tail) to be worn on Saturday.
  • ·  Diamond (Heera)- Middle Finger for the Planet Venus (Shukra) to be worn on Friday.
  • ·  Red Coral (Moonga)- Ring Finger for the Planet Mars (Mangal) to be worn on Tuesday.
  • ·  Ruby (Manik)- Ring Finger for the Planet Sun (Surya) to be worn on Sunday.
  • ·  Emerald (Panna)- Little Finger for the Planet Mercury (Buddha) to be worn on Wednesday.
  • ·  Pearl (Moti)- Little Finger for the Planet Moon (Chandrama) to be worn on Monday.

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