The Magician (Tarot Card Meaning): major arcana card 1

Card NameThe Magician
Card Number1
Arcana Major Arcana,
Element  Air
Numerology 1
Planet / Constellation Mercury
Plant Astragalus
Places Public and entertainment venues such as theaters, opera houses, department stores, the city, the city center, the avenues, the pedestrian streets.
Stone / Crystal  White Quartz
Hebrew Letter: Beth
Affirmation Anything is possible for him who believes

The Magician (Upright) Keywords:

  • Talent, skill
  • Motivation, focus
  • Self-confidence

The Magician (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Misused talents
  • Take a wrong turn
  • Procrastinate

The Magician: symbolism

The Magician in the Tarot points his wand towards the Sky while his other hand points at the Earth. This gesture means that it captures the Energy of the Universe, that it crosses it, to manifest itself in the world, in everyday life. 

In front of him, the attributes of the four Suites of the Tarot are placed on the table: a Staff, a Cup, a Sword and a Denarius. Each represents an Element: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. 

The Magician therefore has everything at his disposal to “manifest” his dreams and desires, that is to say to make them possible, tangible.

 The possibilities are endless… as the symbol above his head and belt underlines: a snake biting its tail. 

The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, the planet of skills, logic and intelligence. Its number is 1,

The Magician: general description

The Magician is “The Alchemist” of the Major Arcana, the one who can create everything from nothing, transform lead into gold. 

The Magician’s Card is therefore the card of “manifestation” par excellence, that is to say of creation, making possible, concretizing and having an impact on its environment and the world. 

The Magician is a Card that highlights the Consultant’s unique talents… unique talents at the service of their unique and genuine desires and wishes as well.

With the Magician, success is within reach. The Magician is ready to use his abilities and skills to accomplish his objectives. The desire to do something new, to start a new cycle is very strong. 

The Magician feels really optimistic, in a “conquering” state of mind. He knows – or will know when the time comes – to use all the resources at his disposal to achieve this: his skills, his relatives / his network, the tools and resources available.

The Magician is a Card which also evokes concentration and focus. For the Consultant, this is not the time to spread out or try to do everything at the same time. It is about staying focused on a single goal or task and putting all your energy, all your resources into it. 

The Magician warns against the distractions, even the temptations which could divert the Consultant and compromise the achievement of his objective.

The Magician Positive Personality Traits

  • Cheerfulness, good humor, vigor, optimism.
  • Address, skill, resourcefulness , ambivalence.
  • Youth, innocence, innate, young in spirit.
  • Open-mindedness, curiosity, adaptability, daring.
  • Quickness of mind , spontaneity, imagination.
  • Diplomacy, cunning, subtlety.

The Magician Negative Personality Traits

  • Childish, immature, infantilism, naive, easily influenced .
  • The precipitation, the dispersion, the awkwardness.
  • The maladjustment, the turbulence , the molesse, the instability.
  • Superficial, boastful, conceited, egocentric.
  • Talkative , cunning.

The Magician (Upright) Meaning

Mastery of the material world, creative action and self discipline. An ability to recognize one’s own potential. This card is symbolic of the power to initiate, communicate, and all with a sense of humor.

The Magician (Upright) Keywords:

  • Talent, skill
  • Motivation, focus
  • Self-confidence

The Magician (Reversed) Meaning

Confusion, hesitation, inability to make decisive choices. An inability to properly utilise time or talents. Lack of inspiration or energy. A propensity to giving in too easily, poor self image, poor co-ordination and sometimes difficulty concentrating.

The Magician (Reversed) Keywords:

  • Misused talents
  • Take a wrong turn
  • Procrastinate

The Magician in Love Tarot Reading

In Love and relationship, The Magician tarot card indicates that the person and his partner are taking action to “make it work” between them. Everyone uses their past experience not to repeat the same mistakes. Each one makes sure, in a very pragmatic way, to build in harmony and mutual respect.

For a person looking for love, The Magician questions the means implemented to find the Soul Mate. What could help the person in his quest? What tools? What resources? 

For example, the person could update his profile on a dating site, call on his entourage and friends to introduce him to people or even join a club or an association to meet new people. It is for the person to remain optimistic and to keep a “winning” state of mind to attract Love in his life.

The Magician for Love (Positive meaning)

  • Outings, meetings, love at first sight possible .
  • Flirt. Nascent loves.
  • Good beginnings of relationship, union. History has to be built.
  • Good sexual energy .
  • Homosexuality.

The Magician for Love (Negative meaning)

  • Difficulties in meetings , in exchanges.
  • Bad start to a relationship.
  • Lies, frustration, helplessness.
  • Superficial romantic relationship .
  • Selfishness, childishness.

The Magician in Career Tarot Reading

In a Professional Tarot card Spread The Magician indicates that the person is truly proficient in his or her field, that he or she knows how to use his or her skills and knowledge to achieve professional goals. 

The person must therefore use his natural talents to shine! Now is not the time to lose self-confidence, to hide or worse to downplay the extent of your abilities.

The person can also expect to receive positive feedback from their manager or potential employer.

The Magician for Career (Positive meaning)

  • Help with creation (artistic or professional).
  • Good launch period (projects, applications) .
  • Beginning of a job, good beginnings in the company, the profession. Work is fun.
  • Successful initiatives.  
  • Show ambition .
  • Business spirit.

The Magician for Career (Negative meaning)

  • Bad period for launches.
  • Bad professional beginnings . 
  • Problem with a job. Work is a burden.
  • Take a bad initiative .
  • Don’t give your all, don’t commit. Fear of triumphing.
  • Opportunism .

The Magician in Finances Tarot Reading

Regarding money and finances, the Magician’s Card suggests that an opportunity may well arise for the person to increase his income. 

An idea germinates in his mind, a door opens or a proposal is made. It is then for the person to apply his talents and his authenticity to materialize this opportunity and attract Abundance.

The Magician for Finances (Positive meaning)

  • No need to hoard , basic needs are covered.
  • To have something to enjoy leisure and fun. Hedonism .  
  • Everything is possible, but it all depends on the consultant. 
  • Comes and goes for small sums.
  • Income increases in proportion to the efforts made.

The Magician for Finances (Negative meaning)

  • Lack of means , spendthrift.
  • No sense of value for money.
  • Naive or crook, without scruples . 
  • Not all potentialities are exploited to acquire financial independence.

The Magician in Health Tarot Reading

  • The head, forehead, face, skin and the corresponding diseases: headaches , sunstroke, psoriasis, eczema, acne, skin irritations …
  • Lygamentous hyperlaxity.
  • Nervousness , dyslexia.

The Magician n Spirituality Tarot Reading

How to practice concretely, on a daily basis, one’s spiritual knowledge and beliefs? This is the question proposed by The Magician. How can we not simply think of spirituality as a series of concepts that we reflect on from time to time, but live them concretely ? Implement them?

The Magician indicates that these answers are already in you… or in front of you – like the attributes of the Suites of the Tarot on the table of the Magician – and that the Intuition guides you. 

The Magician is very “practical” and advises you to test, to practice to find what gives you the most well-being and anchoring. Intuitive practices create the link between body, heart, soul and spirit … just try and practice

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