Top 10 Stones and Crystals to Promote Fertility and Pregnancy

Who has never dreamed of becoming a mother? As women, we sometimes aspire to have a child or children, people who will brighten our days, people who will love us more than anyone else, people who will call us “mother”.

Although sometimes tiring, being a mother is an honor and remains the best job in the world. Unfortunately, some women find it harder than others to get pregnant . If this is your case, lithotherapy can help you, just as it can help a pregnant woman overcome this sometimes difficult ordeal in peace.

Some minerals have the power to promote fertility and pregnancy. Healers, shamans and even midwives have always used crystals and stones for fertility . Their energetic power helps to keep calm, to keep morale high and thus to achieve the goal of having a baby.

In this guide, we have collected 10 minerals generally associated with fertility and pregnancy for you.

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is a stone of love , peace and friendship. In lithotherapy, it is often used to strengthen self-esteem, relieve stress and increase self-confidence. That said, it also helps improve women’s fertility. Its gentle and benevolent energy can be used, among other things, to treat sexual dysfunctions. This fertility stone also keeps you away from depression. If after several attempts you are unable to have a child, this protective stone helps you not to be discouraged. It gives you the strength and motivation to continue, which are, as you know, necessary ingredients for fertility.

In addition, the rose quartz stone is also excellent for accompanying a pregnancy. Since this period is often emotionally difficult, this mineral helps balance emotions and reduce hormonal tension. In addition, this pregnancy stone helps improve the functioning of the reproductive system. Its loving energy also strengthens the deep bond between the mother and the unborn child.

If you wish to become pregnant or are expecting a baby, do not hesitate to equip yourself with a pendant or bracelet with rose quartz stones for fertility.


Unakite is a beautiful gem that combines two magnificent colors: green and pink. Green is associated with abundance and education. Pink represents attention and love. It is a well-known stone of fertility and pregnancy. 

Its nourishing and centered energy helps you remain patient and persistent in your goal of having a baby. 

Once you become pregnant, the mineral supports you, ensures a healthy pregnancy and gives you a feeling of softness, comfort and peace. An unakite bracelet or pendant will be useful throughout your pregnancy. 

It will also be useful during childbirth. The stone gives you the strength you need to deliver your baby.


The stone fluorite is a semi-precious stone with a thousand virtues for women. It accompanies us in the various difficult phases of our life. Whether it’s for premenopause, menopause, PMS or polycystic ovary syndrome … this spirit stone stands by our side to give us courage, mental clarity, focus and a sense of well-being.

Fluorite is also an excellent stone for female fertility . It frees you from negative energies, eliminates stress and helps keep your mind clear in all circumstances. A powerful pregnancy stone , it also helps establish a good emotional and hormonal balance. A state of well-being that a mother should have during the nine months in which she carries her baby. Since there are fluorite bracelets, necklaces or charms available, you can take them with you wherever you go.

The eye of the tiger

The tiger eye stone is frequently used in lithotherapy. It is indeed a powerful stone of protection. In general, we use its powers to protect us from black magic and spells. But this yellow and golden stone also encourages perseverance. It helps us achieve the goals we have set ourselves. This is partly why it is often classified as a female fertility stone .

To get pregnant, we sometimes need to persevere and not be overwhelmed by failures. The eye of the tiger helps us do just that. It gives us the emotional and physical strength to move forward and achieve our goal of having a baby. This pregnancy crystal keeps us away from negative thoughts and other evil forces that could stand in our way. In addition, many lithotherapists use this natural stone to balance the body and hormones, helping to increase fertility.

To fully benefit from the virtues of the tiger eye stone , you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace or simply put it in your living room, bedroom or office.


Aventurine is a natural stone with a green or pinkish red color. It is a stone of spirit and love. It stimulates mental clarity and improves intuition. It is used a lot to promote pregnancy and increase fertility. The ‘ Stone aventurina helps maintain an optimistic mind and strengthen self-confidence. 

It also offers a feeling of joy and an overall improvement in fertility. If you suffer from emotional problems affecting your fertility, wear an aventurine pendant or bracelet. This fertility crystal provides you with the emotional comfort essential to your efforts to get pregnant.


Aquamarine is a magnificent natural stone belonging to the Beryl group. It is highly regarded by artists for its ability to increase sensitivity and expressiveness. However, this precious mineral from volcanic rocks has long been associated with fertility and pregnancy. Infact, the aquamarine stone acts as a real protective stone during gestation.

It protects the mother and baby during this often difficult time. It brings luck and strength to the future mother and reduces the risk of miscarriages and malformations. The calming virtues of aquamarine also ensure inner peace and calm. In fact, conceiving a baby can be stressful at times. This precious stone therefore helps you to cope with the situation. Lithotherapists recommend wearing this crystal from conception to birth. To make this possible, it would be ideal to wear an aquamarine bracelet or an aquamarine necklace .


The carnelian is the stone of fertility par excellence. It has been used in various cultures and civilizations to promote fertility and pregnancy. Although primarily a protective stone for the psychic, this beautiful and colorful crystal also acts on sexuality and reproductive organs. Not only does it help stimulate the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina, but carnelian also stimulates hormone production and promotes their balance.

It is a powerful fertility crystal for both women and men. In fact, in addition to promoting libido and improving sexual energy, it also helps fight male impotence. It is the ideal mineral to keep with you for anyone aspiring to have a child, especially as it helps protect against miscarriages.

If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to keep one at home. Otherwise, you can also equip yourself with a bracelet or a carnelian necklace, so that you can enjoy the virtues to the fullest.


Lepidolite is a protective natural stone . It frees us from our fears and phobias. This pink, gray or purple crystal is in fact associated with calm, serenity and concentration. For this reason, in lithotherapy, it is often used to treat bipolarity or depression. That said, lithotherapists also use it as a pregnancy and fertility stone .

In fact, the lepidolite stone spreads its calming energy to eliminate any fear related to the conception of a baby, pregnancy or childbirth. Promotes peace and good humor. For a mother-to-be, this crystal is excellent for dealing with pregnancy with peace of mind. It also helps dispel bad luck and thus reduce the risk of miscarriage. To make the most of the virtues of lepidolite , the ideal would be to wear it in the form of a bracelet or jewel. This way you will never be able to part with it.


If you are concerned that age prevents you from getting pregnant, the emerald is the stone for you. This bluish-green gem has the power to increase fertility even in old age. If you think it is already too late to procreate, the emerald stone can help you. In lithotherapy, it is generally used to harmonize family, friends and love relationships. It also has calming virtues and contributes to inner calm.

As a stone of female fertility , emerald strengthens patience and stimulates libido. It also supports women during childbirth. And during the nine months of pregnancy, its calming power balances emotions so that the body can better adapt to the changes brought about by gestation. Wearing emerald jewelry will allow you to make the most of the virtues of this stone.


The moonstone has always been associated with female deities. And it has powerful energy that can promote fertility in women. Its reflective and calming energy brings balance to emotions and relieves stress. This female fertility stone also generates a soft and stable aura that promotes the balance of hormones and female cycles. All this creates a physical and psychological environment conducive to the conception of a child.

A powerful love stone , the moonstone also helps attract love if you have not yet found the right prince charming to start a family with. Additionally, this pregnancy mineral strengthens the bond between mother and child and promotes unconditional love. So, if you dream of having a baby, don’t hesitate to wear a moonstone necklace or bracelet to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Here is a long list of minerals generally associated with procreation. For women or men who wish to have a child, do not hesitate to bring one or more with you to maximize your chances of procreating and having offspring.

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