What do the Zodiac Signs do when they get drunk?

People when they drink can have very different behaviors. Some can handle alcohol very well, while others get drunk and make a fool of themselves: they cry, giggle, v —– n, they become aggressive, they become affectionate, despotic, they talk too much …

What does Aries do when he gets drunk?

Aries are known for being very friendly when drunk, communicating with all people in the company and constantly asking, “How are you? Everything is good?”

Aries with all his energy and seriousness, when he drinks he catches her fighting and goes looking for a fight there. His aggressiveness emerges from the depths of his being. More than one day he must wake up bruised without knowing why. 

If Aries is already drunk, and you are not yet, he will treat you with no problems. Any drink at any price. And if he is in a good mood, and you are in a bad mood, then all evening he will try to give you at least one hour of a happy life.

What does Taurus do when he gets drunk?

Taurus is one of the most loyal and devoted signs of the zodiac. People born under it will always be on your side, no matter what snowstorm you drive and no matter how crazy you behave. If you are friends, of course. Therefore, if you do not want to get drunk alone, call Taurus.

Taurus is more about eating than drinking. If he goes out to party, he will drink 1 or 2 drinks to accompany his friends, although he is not into drunkenness and he will never or almost never get drunk. Surely he leaves the party soon and is going to eat somewhere.

At the same time, do not forget about caution, Taurus are terribly stubborn people, and if they drink enough, it will definitely show. If they don’t like your plan for tonight’s party, Taurus will tell you so. And not necessarily in a polite manner. When it comes to alcohol, these people never give in to peer pressure.

But there is one more plus. If you are in the company of Taurus, and someone bullies you, he will definitely join the confrontation. And he will start swinging his fists even earlier than you. And all because Taurus are also temperamental people.

What does Gemini do when he gets drunk?

Geminis do not like drunkenness, they least value it. He will stay with friends, to be with them and talk, laugh, but does not drink. He just makes it look like he’s drinking by accompanying them. Geminis are more interested in seducing, friends and talking.

This zodiac sign is famous for the fact that its carriers know how to combine several personalities in one body at once. Drinking with Gemini is difficult: you can start with one person, continue with another, and end with a third. Gemini’s behavior is usually unpredictable and will necessarily change several times during the same party.

Gemini hates indecisive people, so be sure to have a good plan before inviting them. If it is not there, Gemini will come up with everything for you, and quickly and without consulting you.

On the other hand, even if you’re a totally lousy binge organizer, Gemini won’t let you get bored. They will do everything for you!

What does Cancer do when it gets drunk?

These people are very emotional. They usually drink in order to drown out grief. So if Cancer unexpectedly invites you to drink together, think twice. Perhaps he will pester about his problems all evening.

Cancer when he drinks becomes tender and tells his life. When he reaches a point, he is drunk, he starts crying and be careful, because he will find all the sorrows in the world in his heart, to continue crying.

Drinking with Cancers in a public place is also difficult. They can yell at the bartender at any moment or be indignant for a long time and tediously about the fact that there is no DJ.

But there are also pluses. If you want not to have fun, but to reflect on life under a bottle of Jim Beam, Cancer is the perfect partner for this.

What does Leo do when he gets drunk?

Leos are active people, and when they drink, they sometimes become completely unbearable. A drunk Leo never keeps his mouth shut and sometimes does not even understand that he is insulting another person.

Everyone knows that chatty people are a godsend for a spy. But drunken lions are a godsend for chatty people.

And do not try to put Leo in his place: most likely, he will be terribly angry and will no longer pick up the phone when you are about to call him next time.

When Leo gets drunk he wants to seduce. He will become sexy and provocative, to flirt with everyone and hook up with someone. He loves to be carried away by those moments of glory.

What does Virgo do when he gets drunk?

These perfectionists are easy to spot sitting in the corner with a glass of expensive wine. Virgos are people who can drink after a hard day’s work all alone. Therefore, they are usually not easy with them at large parties. But if Virgo invites you to have a drink at her home, it will surely be warm, sincere and cozy.

Virgo does not like to get drunk. He likes to drink, but he drinks very little, because he knows exactly what his limits are. If it does, it is by accompanying friends. Actually, where it is best is at home.

What does Libra do when he gets drunk?

Libra is perhaps the best drinking companion. They are reckless and willing to go to great lengths to have fun.

They are level-headed, and this is a great quality: drunk Libra never make fights. And if one of the members of your company decides to stuff a friend’s face in a drunken stupor, people born under the sign of Libra will certainly be the first to separate and calm them.

Libra loves to party and socialize. He likes to drink, but he rarely goes overboard. What he likes most about parties is meeting new people and having the chance to seduce someone and disappear with him to live a night of lust.

What does Scorpio do when he gets drunk?

Give Scorpio a couple of tequila glasses and you will see what it means to rest “without brakes”.

However, Scorpios are the perfect partner to drink with them in any situation. They will never cry at the bar and never throw tantrums. Only fun, only hardcore!

Scorpios like intimacy more than drink. You could see a Scorpio drunk, but what you are sure to see is a Scorpio flirting. The game of seduction is his great passion.

What does Sagittarius do when he gets drunk?

Be careful when inviting Sagittarius to the party: their tongue is too sharp. Do not try to hurt Sagittarius when he is drunk: it can get to a fight. Alcohol and aggression for people born under this sign are quite compatible things.

If you drink with Sagittarius all night, then in the second half of the party you will find that there is no trace of his usual flirtatiousness.

On the other hand, if you are tired of the company of people for whom you always have to decide everything, call Sagittarius. He will figure out where you can get a good kick, so much so that it is inexpensive and exciting.

Sagittarius likes to party, drink and eat. It is fireproof and the night is for everything: eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, flirting, getting drunk, singing … I will probably end up drunk, but what is certain, it will end the night with someone …

What does Capricorn do when he gets drunk?

Capricorns are excellent drinking companions. They adapt perfectly to any company and know how to behave at any party.

Capricorn is the very person with whom it is always pleasant and easy to drink. He will never wry his nose because you have chosen the “wrong bar” or gathered “the wrong company”. The main thing for Capricorn is to have fun everywhere and always.

Capricorn with his impeccable and faultless personality, when he drinks he does not take it well. At first, he becomes talkative, tries to keep up, throws up, and is out of commission. It helps you disconnect from reality.

What does Aquarius do when he gets drunk?

Be careful when drinking with Aquarius. When the booze just begins, then everything is good, dignified and noble. But as soon as people born under this sign go overboard a little, they will immediately begin to disgrace you: publicly urinate, for example, or cling to other people’s wives.

Aquarians are changeable people, their mood can change several times in one evening. On the other hand, they are never boring, and this is also a plus.

Aquarius is very friendly and talkative, but when he drinks he feels very happy and laughs. He laughs madly at everything and a moment comes when he no longer knows why he is laughing. 

What does Pisces do when he gets drunk?

Pisces are people with whom it is always interesting. This is because they are emotional, and when they get drunk, they usually become cheerful, not aggressive. But you should pay attention to their mood swings: if Pisces gets drunk, they begin to whine and ask to be taken home.

But Pisces can be invited for a drink anywhere and anytime. They are very easy to lift!

Pisces loves to drink and has no control of himself. When he drinks a lot, all his fantasies, his fears, his paranoias come to the surface, he becomes affectionate and will go as far as they leave him. He usually falls asleep.

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