What Makes Pisces Women So Special

Pisces women are persistent and loyal. Their social circle is rather limited, but they completely devote themselves to the people whom they decide to let in. These are the people you will call in difficult times, they will tell you what to do next, and help you feel better by the time you finish talking to them on the phone.

  • They are extremely compassionate and have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Pisces will never make unnecessary dramas and conflicts. They will try to understand your point of view and choose a communication method that takes into account the interests of both parties. That’s the reason you’ve never heard a story about anyone’s insane ex-Pisces girlfriend.

  • They have amazing taste in music.

Your Pisces woman will send you links to the best playlists. With its help, you will discover new favorite performers.

  • They will not compete with you.

The Pisces woman likes to pursue her creative interests. She doesn’t need to be the life of the party or the star in a relationship. She will not compete with you for who looks better or who deserves credit for anything. Pisces hates emotional scenes and conflicts in which people have to suffer.

  • They are emotional in the best sense of the word.

Pisces will never ignore your feelings or make cold remarks aimed at humiliating you. Even in anger, they always think about how you feel and only want the best.

  • They are creative people.

Pisces are endowed with a deep and creative soul. They are always painters, poets or writers. Whatever they do, they do it damn well, and you become part of their masterpieces.

All my friends, born under the sign of Pisces, gave me some of their art objects: a handmade glass, woodwork or drawing. And each of these items is an invaluable element of my interior.

  • They are generous with love.

Pisces love love. They like to feel loved and to love themselves. Other zodiac signs find it difficult to be vulnerable to love someone, or they hate sentimentality altogether. Pisces will always be open and honest with you about who they really are. They crave a relationship based on love, and otherwise they don’t need a relationship at all.

  • They have great intuition.

Fish have a highly developed intuition. When they meet a person, they immediately feel whether he is good and whether it is worth spending their time on him. It doesn’t hurt to have such people on the sidelines if you need to help objectively assess your romantic or professional relationships.

  • They are great lovers.

It is difficult to find a soulful and sensual Fish that would be bad in bed. They intuitively anticipate the needs of a partner and do not hesitate to talk about their own.

  • They are passionate.

The biggest mistake you can make about Pisces is to assume that they are lazy or passionate because of their innocence. Their passion is strong and quiet. They do not need to shout about their love from the rooftop, they do it without unnecessary witnesses.

  • They are selfless.

The expression “to do everything for someone else” was definitely said about Pisces. Indeed, for the sake of the happiness and success of those who are in their “circle of trust”, they are ready to do anything.

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