What makes you happy : Based on Zodiac sign

What makes you happy? It is easy to feel unhappy with your life when you are not meeting your needs. You may think you know what you need to be happy, but nothing that brings you joy lasts longer than a moment. Why?

It is important to figure out what makes your zodiac sign happy using personality traits described in ancient astrology. There is even scientific evidence that happiness is based on the needs of your personality.

Check out the list below to find out what your zodiac sign needs to feel content and happy!

Aries : Needs Competition to be happy

Aries will need something dynamic and active to keep them alive. If they want to be truly happy, they need to always be on the move. They need excitement, and that’s where the competition comes in. They always seem to yearn to be on top and show it off.

Their will for physical and psychological development serves as their fire. A healthy dose of competition makes them feel alive. Without this, they will not feel truly happy.

Taurus : Needs peace to be happy

Taurus is down to earth and wants to live with minimal chaos in their lives. They need peace of mind to feel balanced. Not only world peace, but also peace in their mind, body and soul.

If there is even a drop of uncontrollable state or chaos in anything, their first instinct is to exclude it from their lives. They have no room for bullshit, and they always want to stay on the ground with as little drama as possible.

Gemini : Needs communication to be happy

Geminis crave chatter, discussion, and just enjoyable hangouts with those they love. They tend to get carried away by their own thoughts and need rest. The presence of people helps them in this. If they were in a room surrounded by all their best friends for 20 out of 24 hours, they would love it.

They do not find human interaction as draining as others. It actually makes them feel more energized. They are unhappy if they don’t have enough time to be with other people during the day.

Cancer : Needs Caring to be happy

Cancer is always conscious of its feelings. They have desires and needs that are more related to feelings of love. Compassion is something that Cancer always values.

Just knowing that someone cares about him is enough fuel to make him very happy. They will appreciate and will always be in the mood to love people who are dear to them even more, if it is mutual.

Leo : Needs Praise to be happy

Leo needs a lot of attention. Not in vain, they are very confident in themselves, so it is helpful if other people notice it too. They praise themselves as best they can and are very proud.

When someone else admits how good he is, it confirms what he has known all along. When a stream of compliments pours in, they become very happy and contented. Praise means more to them than to others.

Virgo : Needs Recognition to be happy

Virgo is always working on a new project or on something that will lead them to success. All their hard work and the pressure they put on themselves seem worthwhile when they receive recognition. If someone else admires their tenacity and the results of their work, they feel satisfied.

Their happiness is enormously multiplied by even the slightest compliment to their work ethic. By accepting only a tiny recognition, Virgo will feel recognized and feel the best.

Libra : Needs Harmony to be happy

Balance is important to Libra. Since they are a sign of Libra, they understand that this is what they need to be truly happy. If they don’t feel in harmony with themselves, it will completely reset everything for them. They must have a way to make their life even and balanced.

Otherwise, they are completely out of order and it is difficult to restore harmony. With the right balance, Libra will not feel sad or dissatisfied.

Scorpio : Needs Passion to be happy

There is fire in Scorpio that many other signs do not have. For them to be happy, they need to be fed with the desire to always feel great and huge experiences. If a Scorpio lives a repetitive and safe life, he will in no way be satisfied.

In the thrill of adventure, they can feel truly alive, and this makes them extremely joyful. They need fire to fan their blaze of happiness.

Sagittarius : Needs Independence to be happy

Sagittarius won’t be happy if they feel locked up. They need to be completely free. Their relaxedness and impulsiveness is what makes their hearts beat faster and happier. To be everything they want to be, they need to be completely independent.

They need it to be truly happy. If they are restricted or controlled in any way, they will rebel and be miserable.

Capricorn : Needs Responsibility to be happy

Capricorn is a master of responsibility. They like it when many people rely on them and therefore they take responsibility for something important. They are really in their element when they feel people are relying on them.

They know they are strong enough to handle it and it makes them feel alive. When people follow their example, it makes Capricorn very happy.

Aquarius : needs intellectual stimulation to be happy

Aquarius needs stimulation and the ability to train their mind. They have so much going on and they always feel the need to broaden their horizons and intelligence. If they feel they are growing and improving their mental outlook, they are very happy.

Pisces : Needs Creativity to be happy

Pisces need to express themselves. They have so many emotions and thoughts that if they have no way out, it can be a disaster. To be truly happy and blissful, they need a niche in which to dissolve.

Any creative or artistic skill will fuel their crucible of happiness. Possessing creative freedom, they can be relaxed and express themselves truly artistic.