Which Zodiac signs Find it Difficult to Let Go

Letting go is sometimes difficult. The past, people, control, circumstances. Everyone has their own baggage …


You are sick of the very thought that you cannot get what you so desperately want. You keep trying even though the tactic you choose doesn’t work.

You hate failure. Sometimes you get so stuck that you don’t notice more effective paths and goals.


You do not immediately open up to people and become attached to them. But as soon as this happens, it is almost impossible to break the link that has arisen.

The person you trust becomes like a small part of you. When he is not there, you do not feel whole.


You don’t want to lose anyone. Even if the person didn’t treat you well, you still don’t want to let them go.

You strive with all your might to maintain your social circle. This is why it is unsettling when someone suddenly leaves your life.


You don’t like sad endings, long distances and partings. You don’t want to live without those you love. You believe in fighting for these people and showing them how much they mean to you.

Your overwhelming love sometimes keeps you from moving forward. This is because you are unable to see the benefits of breaking up with some people.


You like to dominate and always have the last word. If someone leaves you when you are not ready for it, you become even more attached to this person.

It is important for you that the decision to break up was your decision, implemented on your terms. Otherwise, you will not let the person go.


You are a perfectionist and do not make hot-headed decisions, especially when it comes to your personal life. When it turns out that after all the time and effort invested, something still did not work out, you perceive it as a kind of missed profitable opportunity in business, and therefore try your best to find a way to make everything work out.

You find it difficult to believe that you made the wrong decision.


If you wanted to let the person go, you would. Except, you really like comfort. You would rather hold on to the old than create something new. It happens that you are possessed by laziness and a desire to please everyone. In short, it’s easier for you to fix something that’s broken than to buy something new.


If you still have feelings for a person, then the mere thought that he might be with someone else drives you crazy. Imagining how cute he is with someone, you feel jealous and anxious.

You are doing everything you can to get the person back. Letting some stranger just take and take your loved one away? Never! He is yours and only yours.


You cannot let go because everything around you is still associated with this person. When you travel, you think about it. Talk about it when you hang out with your friends. When you go shopping, you come across a thing that he would like … It’s all in your head. The person continues to live in your thoughts.


Only a few people manage to pave the way into your heart. That is why it is difficult for you to let go of the person. You think that you will no longer meet someone with whom you will have such a relationship. You convince yourself that you will never find someone better, so you keep walking backward instead of moving forward.


You believe in fairy tales and beautiful love stories. This is because the mind convinces you that everything in life is like in books and fairy tales. That is why you are waiting for the person to repent and return.

You think that this is the scenario that all great love stories develop. People part just to come back, become stronger together and never part again. If it were so in life …


Once an emotional bond is established between you and another person, you show your weaknesses. You trust him with secrets and talk about deeply personal moments.

When a relationship suddenly ends, you feel very bad about sharing something very personal with someone who no longer wants to be a part of your life. That is why you are trying to return everything to square one.

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