Zodiac Sign: First Impressions

Aries Man First Impression

  • Courageous,
  • Passionate,
  • Smug

Aries man gives the impression of Mister Macho. And the first thing that catches your eye when you meet him: he is well-groomed. With his masculinity, he easily creates the image of the bad guy (but do women like it?)

Add to that a sense of humor and determination, and the opposite sex is fascinated by him. He, like the Aries Woman, loves to compete, loves to be challenged. 

At the beginning of your acquaintance, he will not seem passionate to you, in order to display the emotions that Aries are known for, you need to get to know him better. The dark side of the Aries man lies in the fact that he is stubborn and loves himself very much. 

He also firmly believes that he is always right. There is no point in trying to change his mind or even make him understand your point of view: “there are only two opinions: mine and wrong”.

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Aries Woman First Impression

  • Lively,
  • Confident,
  • Aggressive

This woman is full of life. When she enters, the room is immediately filled with her energy. Her cheerfulness is so contagious that it brightens up any gloomy day. On her path in life, she strives to get everything she needs. 

She really does not lack confidence in herself. She has the soul of an Amazon and a conqueror. Sometimes she is too aggressive – this can blur the impression of her or scare away. 

Her aggressiveness is shown when she is told what to do. At such a moment, she can get angry, up to and including assault. She is considered domineering, although she does not seek to carry this label. But that is, that is, because its planet-ruler is the warlike Mars. 

Only with the closest acquaintance will she open her soul and show how emotional and vulnerable she is.

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Taurus Man First Impression

  • Calm,
  • Patient,
  • Sullen

This man is quiet, reserved, and can be quite boring when you first meet him. Unlike Aries, he comes across as a good guy. He speaks little, he is more a listener than a storyteller. His calm demeanor is soothing, but can also be tiring. 

By the way, it can be difficult to make him laugh, so it seems to others that he is offended or has a personal dislike for them, because he did not laugh at their joke. 

He will be a great conversationalist if you need to speak out, just do not expect sympathy or emotional response. Don’t forget that Taurus is a bull. 

He can be very stubborn. If you have hammered something into your head, then it is difficult to convince him. Trying to do this can only make him angry. He has mood swings.

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Taurus Woman First Impression

  • Devoted,
  • Independent,
  • Lazy

The first thing that comes to mind when you see a Taurus woman is she is pleasant. Pleasant in her directness without masks and falsehood. You can rely on her. 

She enjoys helping people in difficult times. She will listen to your concerns and support you with all her heart. Taurus is loving, but at the same time adventurous and very independent. She does what she wants and how she wants, and prefers to do it alone. 

She likes to achieve goals herself. Taurus are unlikely to take risks, preferring proven methods, which is also the result of their laziness. She does not take any action until she finds a clear and working plan to achieve her goal. 

She is not as purposeful and assertive as other signs of the zodiac, but nevertheless, she brings what she started to the end.

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Gemini Man First Impression

  • Discerning,
  • Charming,
  • Wonderful

Gemini is a charming man. His versatile knowledge is what draws people into deep conversations with him. He is eloquent and can interest the interlocutor even with the simplest story. Gemini is able to find the key to any person. 

Gemini men are known to be fickle, and he is often caught contradicting himself. Nevertheless, many forgive him this fact, since he is a really cheerful and sociable person. 

He makes acquaintances easily due to his charm. Unfortunately, he is unreliable about his plans and changes them easily. 

He has a habit of being late and canceling appointments at the last moment.

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Gemini Woman First Impression

  • Smart,
  • Spontaneous,
  • Multi faceted

The Gemini woman is a witty interlocutor, it is really interesting with her, because she can talk literally about everything in the world. Her stories are intriguing and mesmerizing. Gemini are cute, have a great sense of humor and attract the opposite sex with their spontaneity, love of life and lightness. She believes that there is no limit to new knowledge, and you can always learn something. She hates being bored because her interests are diverse. She can easily make new friends and defuse stress. She is open to new experiences and is not averse to getting out of her comfort zone.

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Cancer Man First Impression

  • Empathetic,
  • Loving,
  • Moody

This is a modest and sweet man. He is an attentive listener who gives helpful advice. He supports others and loves to help in whatever way he can. In a sense, the Cancer man shares the “feminine traits” of the Cancer woman. 

He knows how to capture the feelings and moods of other people and is careful with them. Cancer is an attentive and affectionate man. He loves to be pampered, but also when pampered. Cancers are very emotional and sensitive, so they can be capricious. 

His feelings are unpredictable, and his emotions change quickly. One moment he hides in his shell, and the next moment he talks violently.

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Cancer Woman First Impression

  • Caring,
  • Intuitive,
  • Sensitive

Mother’s warmth emanates from her. It’s no surprise that Cancer is one of the most feminine signs in the zodiac. She enjoys pampering and cherishing those she loves. Her decisions are usually dictated by intuition rather than logic. 

She may look cold and distant on the outside, but in reality she is sensitive and emotional on the inside. She neglects vigilance when it is convenient for her, but when her feelings are hurt, she crawls back into the sink to hide. Due to oversensitivity, emotions quickly take over. 

She will most likely stay out of the crowd until she is ready to go out again. Therefore, her isolation and coldness is a necessary measure.

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Leo Man First Impression

  • Kindhearted,
  • bright,
  • conceited

The Leo man strives to look good in the eyes of others and loves admiring glances. This can be seen in his confident gait. If it’s not a gait, then something is obligatory that makes him stand out from the crowd. He loves to visit different places and communicate with completely different groups of people. 

He’s adorable. He likes to be in the spotlight, in fact, he longs for it. Like the Leo woman, the Leo man also has a huge ego. 

He can be sweet conversationalist when needed and ferocious when he doesn’t get the respect he thinks he deserves. He is kind and noble until you get in the way of his ego. 

Since he is (in his opinion) a king, Leo is caring, responsible and has a big heart towards those who are kind to him.

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Leo Woman First Impression

  • Candid,
  • Playful,
  • Selfish

This woman can be arrogant, loud and frank. She has her own opinion on everything and she is not afraid to share it. Of course, she considers herself the best. You can tell by her intonation. 

She really has boundless charisma, she is interesting and radiates light. Leo loves to give advice because she has a say in everything. She is playful, loves to laugh and have fun with those around her. 

She’s in the spotlight most of the time, and she loves it. No matter how sociable she is, she always protects her ego. 

Her self-esteem is so high that she will never speak to you or even look at you if you neglect her feelings or do not reckon with her at all.

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Virgo Man First Impression

  • Observant,
  • Perfectionist,
  • Critical

His keen eye notices the smallest details that most people might miss. He is rarely (almost never) seen casually dressed. He is clean and everything is neat in him. Virgo believes that your clothes are how others will perceive you as a person. However, he is shy about his appearance and how he presents himself to other people. Virgo is critical of herself and others. Sometimes he is obsessed with his own shortcomings, it can even ruin his mood. However, Virgo comes across as an intelligent and serious man.

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Virgo Woman First Impression

  • Practical,
  • Curious,
  • Irritable

She is sociable and welcoming. But from any communication he wants to get, if not good, then at least meaning. She is a realist, very intelligent and interested in everything and everyone. 

There are so many things in the world that she would like to know, not out of idle curiosity. She asks a lot of questions when she wants to get to know you better. 

This is another way for her to see and understand who is who really, here she uses her analytical skills. This skill leads to one of her not-so-good traits. 

She is considered irritable because she often experiences anxiety and anxiety, especially when things don’t go as she expected. Virgo is her own enemy – she rarely forgives her own mistakes.

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Libra Man First Impression

  • Fair,
  • Easy Character,
  • Indecisive

The Libra man is easy-going and cheerful. His positive attitude is one of his main strengths. He is a great listener, and sincerely glad to get to know you better and listen to you. 

Libra is very indecisive. He weighs everything too carefully and cannot come to a final decision. Equality, justice and world peace are important to him. He also expects to be treated the way he treats you. 

Therefore, he does not tolerate rudeness. Libra gives the impression of a gallant, intelligent and well-mannered man.

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Libra Woman First Impression

  • Feminine,
  • Sociable,
  • Thinker

The Libra woman is an elegant and stylish lady. She is charming and sociable. She knows how to attract people using her impressive communication skills. Her smile and eyes are hard to resist, people admire her. 

Despite her well-groomed appearance and stylish clothes, she is not just a pretty face – Libra is also smart. 

She can hold a conversation with any person with a higher intelligence, she is interested in many areas of life. 

One of her downsides is that she thinks too much, especially when it comes to making a decision. She is so indecisive that she sometimes asks to make a decision for her or push her to make a choice.

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Scorpio Man First Impression

  • Attractive,
  • Determined,
  • Inquisitive

The Scorpio Man has a mysterious image. Everyone pays attention to him when he enters the room, his powerful energy is difficult to ignore. 

One look into his piercing eyes and you can’t focus on anything but him. He seems to have mastered hypnosis, because Scorpio is really able to see through people. That is why many people feel vulnerable with him, feel awkward. 

This is a decisive and strong-willed man, he always strives to achieve what he wants. Nevertheless, he will be closed and cold for a long time, until he realizes that you can be trusted.

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Scorpio Woman First Impression

  • Mysterious,
  • Determined,
  • First-class

The Scorpio woman is secretive, mysterious and seductively attractive. She keeps her thoughts and feelings to herself, it makes you wonder what exactly is on her mind. At the same time, she is confident in herself. When something goes wrong, she does not sit and lament, but acts to solve the problem. 

She believes in herself, and all thanks to her strong determination. If you think she is acting bitchy for no reason, then you were there on one of her bad days. 

However, she does not hide her dislike, if she does not like someone, she will not flatter. This sign does not forgive deceit and falsehood. 

She does not intentionally strive for perfection, like a Libra woman, Scorpio intuitively chooses the best things.

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Sagittarius Man First Impression

  • Cheerful,
  • Wise,
  • Undisciplined

The Sagittarius man is a wild child of the zodiac. He uses his wits to cheer you up when you feel bad because he wants to see a smile on your face. He is wise and loves to teach as well as to learn. Sagittarius is an intellectual and thinks logically. 

He also loves to travel, because he believes that new places will add to the treasury of his knowledge. He is often considered undisciplined and a person who is not attached to anyone or anything. 

Sagittarius is straightforward, and due to its harshness, it can appear rude or insensitive.

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Sagittarius Woman First Impression

  • Open,
  • Lively,
  • Straightforward

She has an open heart. She is unbiased and in no hurry to judge. She is ready to talk to you on any topic. Sagittarius values ​​freedom very much and sees himself as a traveler around the world. This woman attracts people because of her lively and cheerful character. 

You will immediately feel its pulsating energy in the air. She is optimistic and this is her beautiful trait, but being an extrovert, she is a straightforward person and says what she feels. 

Not everyone may like this approach, so she runs the risk of being branded as rude in the eyes of strangers.

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Capricorn Man First Impression

  • Ambitious,
  • Reasonable,
  • Pessimistic

The Capricorn man is often called a workaholic. He has no time for idle chatter. Because of his big ambitions, he strives for success and that’s all that matters to him. He is so devoted to his work that he invests in it not only physically, but with his whole soul, becoming too absorbed in it to think about anything else. 

The thought of failure upsets him, because he seeks to live up to expectations. Thus, he becomes boring and obsessed with one idea. Despite all his achievements and hard work, he remains dissatisfied, therefore he gives the impression of a pessimist. 

Sometimes he is driven not by the excitement to achieve the goal, but by the fear of failure. A Capricorn man definitely needs someone nearby who will support and cheer him up, otherwise stress is inevitable.

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Capricorn Woman First Impression

  • Cheerful,
  • Punchy,
  • Stubborn

She is a little conservative in life, often prefers a restrained style of dress. At first meeting, she seems serious and detached. Capricorn loves humor and witty people. Her humor is often dry or even sarcastic and misunderstood. 

People may take her jokes too seriously or find them strange, and it is only with close acquaintance that her humor is understandable. This woman is really funny and charming in her own way. 

The main qualities that are inherent in the Capricorn woman are determination and stubbornness. She is a master of survival, and she is capable of many things. 

She is determined to reach the finish line. It doesn’t matter which paths she must go in order to achieve success, the main thing is to reach the top. 

Capricorn is not one of those who brag about their achievements, she is not only decisive, but also modest.

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Aquarius Man First Impression

  • Sociable,
  • Witty,
  • Rebel

The Aquarius man lives in the present moment. He is an experimenter, ready to skydive or do anything adventurous and spontaneous. Getting to know him is confusing, he talks a lot, jumping from topic to topic. His mood is also changeable. 

He is unpredictable: sometimes he communicates warmly, and sometimes he is cold and keeps his distance. Despite this, he is attractive to the opposite sex. 

The man of this sign is very smart, loves to argue and firmly adheres to his opinion, which can often annoy the interlocutor. Loyal and responsive to close people and old friends.

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Aquarius Woman First Impression

  • Intelligent,
  • Humane,
  • Freedom-loving

The Aquarius woman is a walking contradiction. It is unpredictable and difficult to understand. Today she is a super extrovert and communicates with everyone, and tomorrow she is a lonely wolf. He does not like instructions, and can do in his own way in spite. 

Like the Aquarius Man, she is smart and has a great sense of humor. She loves to help people and even participates in charity events. She wants to make the world a better place and believes that it is possible. She loves to dress in an unusual, sometimes catchy way, she definitely has her own unique style. 

There is a fictional world in her head, where she escapes to take a break from people and accumulated problems. She really needs it to restore all the energy that she gives to people. 

She draws strength from loneliness. Aquarius is the most original and unusual woman in the zodiac.

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Pisces Man First Impression

  • Compassionate,
  • Creative,
  • Emotional

The Pisces man is gentle and sympathetic. He is considered to be the best friend of women. But he makes a good impression not only on them. He does not condemn anyone, but tries to imagine himself in the place of another. He is noble and believes that good things happen solely out of luck. 

His emotions are the result of the influence of the mood of other people. He is an empath, and his mood is often influenced by the atmosphere around him. This is one of the main reasons why the Pisces man prefers to surround himself with optimists rather than pessimists. 

He runs from scandalous people. He does not tolerate stress and pressure. Sometimes it is contradictory. Pisces have a rich inner world, interesting, noble and, as a rule, creative.

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Pisces Woman First Impression

  • Shy,
  • Unselfish,
  • Sensitive

She may appear reserved because she is actually shy. The first impression of her: pleasant and calm. She is a sensitive introvert who needs protection for her feelings and emotions. She takes time to let someone into her life, but she will be a great friend as soon as that happens. 

She loves deeply and selflessly, caring for those she loves. Pisces finds peace of mind by helping other people. She also finds an outlet in music and art. She is sympathetic to the experiences of other people, and is ready to listen. People feel that she really understands them. 

However, oversensitivity is her enemy. She may even be hurt by a trifle or an unsuccessful joke said to her. She immediately begins to think about the bad and worry about it.

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