Aries Child : traits, personality, behavior, first years, at school, relationship with other zodiac signs

Aries Child

traits, personality, behavior, first years, at school, relationship with other zodiac signs

Aries child (March 21 – April 19) has a desire to be independent from an early age. The desire to be independent is very prevalent and is clearly manifested in the phrases: “I myself!”.

The first years of life of Aries Child

Aries children are very active, not very patient, crying for the usual two reasons: either hungry or pee. An older child Aries may cry if they need some kind of toy and they cannot get it. 

They are curious to explore the world. They don’t like to sit still.. 

As a rule, They do not cry for a long time – they cry loudly, demandingly, but quickly becomes silent. There wont be a need for consoling for a long time. 

The key words in the case of the Aries child are activity and action.

Very often the Aries children sets their own regime. Aries children do not crawl so often, they rather begin to walk than crawl. 

Aries baby reacts to temperature changes. For them, warm, hot weather can be difficult to tolerate. A playpen is not suitable for an Aries child.

For an Aries child, it is advisable to have some kind of sports corner where they can jump, twirl and tumble.

Aries child loves to play romp games. If possible, it is better to let the child make some noise. In the absence of noisy toys, improvised items will do – pots, spoons – this is an action, and Aries wants action. Emphasize on sports and outdoor games.

The Aries child has a tendency to do things differently from what they are told. You must try not to break the character of the child. Shouting at them might not work. Most often, with the child Aries you need to talk on equal terms, only then they will listen to you.

Be sure to ask the Aries child for his opinion.

The Aries child is not indifferent to his appearance. When they become a teenager, they will pay utmost attention to their appearance.

Aries children like to climb up heights – trees, fences and hills. They like to be leaders, not only among their peers, but even among older children, adults and their parents.

Aries Child at school

For an Aries child, visual memory predominates. There is a creative moment in solving problems – these children do not follow standard paths.

The Aries child must be taught to play mind games. Sport is sport, mobility is mobility, we have action, but they must also practice mental activity. This is not easy to do, but it is necessary. It is necessary to find a chip that attracts him, and so that it is interesting in many ways.

The character of the Aries child is impulsive. They start everything, but do not finish anything. They need to be motivated. And Aries has one motivation – being ahead of everyone. Phrases that motivate an Aries child go like these — “you will be the first”, “you will be the best”, “you will be the leader”, “you will show everyone how to do it”.

The discipline of the Aries child is lame. It is difficult to bring up discipline in Aries, but it is possible to show them how to behave, at what moment. For Aries, discipline is very important, because Aries is a hot-tempered, impulsive sign. If in the future they does not learn to identify their limits, it will be difficult. The slogan that can be attributed to Aries is – “slow down, think, breathe in and out” – it is desirable that the child has a habit of doing this.

The Aries child has ambition. Hang certificates, badges, some of their awards – this will must morally encourage him.

Aries child loves noisy companies and friends. In adolescence, in order not to lose sight of your child, you must allow their friends to be brought home. Otherwise, the child may leave home early. There is a theory that the sign of Aries is one of the most powerful antagonists against parents.

The Aries child, to one degree or another, has innate aggression. Parents should try to redirect this aggression toward an outdoor sports like tennis, football …. 

Aries Child Education

You must be firm in what you have decided and said to Aries. Little Aries is not such a big manipulator, but nevertheless they can lead their own way. You, as a parent, need to be demanding in getting your request fulfilled.

An Aries child is straightforward, ambitious, sincere and does not tend to lie. But manifestation of care is not Aries’s strong point. Teach the Aries child not to give up halfway and teach them to take care of others. 

At school, they are a real fidget, mischievous, reckless, burning with ideas. They will find many followers. They will not bother to hide anything and honestly confess the truth.

Fortunately, they will have enough energy for pranks as well as productive work, the main idea is to interest their ardent nature. Teachers should entrust them with organization of some important event related to active action and involving other children. So the Aries child will be able to more fruitfully use the energy generously given to him from birth.

A very important role in the process of raising an Aries child is played by the Father figure. It is very important that the father is the authority and head of the family in every sense of the word. Show them a worthy goal, and they will rush to it immediately. 

If the parent does not do this, other people who are more authoritative to them will influence them. After all, the symbol of Aries is a lamb, frozen over an abyss with its head turned back, raising its leg above the precipice itself. He needs wise leadership, he must be led, otherwise there is a high probability of going astray.

In an extreme negative state, Aries shows rudeness, cruelty, selfishness, insensitivity, destructiveness. Such traits undoubtedly require taming from a very young age, otherwise then it becomes more and more difficult to educate them. And although obstinacy and a desire to dominate are very strong in the Aries child, you can still negotiate with them – after all, they are responsive and do not harbor anger.

In friendships, the Aries child is straightforward in expressing their thoughts and feelings. They are not capable of being cunning or deceiving for a long time. If an Aries child has turned to someone for some reason, it means that they respects that person. 

Aries child does not understand well what a secret is until they are told that THIS is a secret. Their friends will eventually know and adjust to this feature.  

Aries Child Personality and Behavior

The Aries child is afraid of uncertainty. They may suffer from self-doubt. In order to hide it, they put on a mask of self-confidence and innovative zeal. 

More than anyone else, the Aries child is wary of misunderstandings. Errors and troubles are perceived by them as personal failures. It is good for an Aries child to understand that perfection is an unattainable goal. Most often, Aries is an innovator. So it is only natural that some of their friends and acquaintances question their ideas. 

The Aries child is sensitive, and therefore susceptible to insults, ridicule and barbs.

The Aries child does not tolerate physical pain at all. It is almost impossible to persuade them to go to the dentist. The weak point of any Aries (both a child and an adult) is the head. You need to take care of their head, teach them to relax and not get exposed to unnecessary risks. 

Their unreasonable fearlessness often rewards them with physical scars. The main diseases are of the skin, joints, stomach. It is difficult to put him to bed if they do not feel well. If they lie down, it means that they are really sick.

As the Aries child grows up, they are likely to show a tendency to lead. Aries can make a good army officer, police chief, factory director, metal business owner, or politician. Many creative personalities, actors and actresses were born under the sign of Aries; Their enthusiasm is enough to succeed in these areas. 

Aries child can also be attracted to professions like : dentist, therapist, director of an advertising agency, public relations specialist, weapons manufacturer. Rarely Aries will agree to be under someone’s command and will always strive to take a leadership position.

For a complete understanding of the personality of a child, it is necessary to consider not only his Sun sign, but also the other nine planets, which in some special way are inscribed in his horoscope. The child’s horoscope will show how he perceives mom and dad, and can even show how the relationship between his parents is developing.

Aries Child Relationship with other signs

The Aries child develops harmonious relationships with Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini. As for the relationship with Aries, they are characterized by energy and idealization. They will constantly compete with each other. Relationships can be quite passionate as they both strive for leadership. 

Aries’ relationship with Libra, Cancer and Capricorn is not very successful. Relationships with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces are neutral.