Saturn Transit Dates from 1900 to 2099 (shani gochar)

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Saturn Transit Dates from 1900 to 2099 (shani gochar)

Current Saturn Transit

Currently: SATURN is in AQUARIUS (from 17 Jan 2023 to 28 March 2025)

  • Saturn transited into Aquarius on 17 January 2023.
  • Zodiac signs facing Sadesati: Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
  • Saturn will start its retrograde motion in Aquarius on June 30, 2024
  • The retrograde period ends on November 15, 2024,
  • Saturn transit into Pisces on 29 March, 2025

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Saturn Transit (1900 to 2099)

Following are the transit dates of Saturn / ( Saturn Gochar Dates) : 

ZodiacDate of Entry into Zodiac
Date of Exit form Zodiac
Capricorn to MakaraFeb 11
Nov 5
Capricorn: Makara11/05
Aquarius: Kumbha02/04/190504/19/1907
Pisces: Meena04/19/190701/10/1908
Pisces: Meena01/10/190807/08/1909
Aries: Mesha07/08/190903/18/1910
Aries: Mesha03/18/191005/07/1912
Taurus: Vrushabh05/07/191206/20/1914
Gemini: Mithun06/20/191408/01/1916
Cancer: Karkata08/01/191609/17/1918
Leo: Simha09/17/191806/02/1919
Leo: Simha06/02/191911/16/1920
Virgo: Kanya11/16/192008/08/1921
Virgo: Kanya08/08/192110/15/1923
Libra: Thula10/15/192312/31/1925
Scorpio: Vruschik12/31/192509/29/1926
Scorpio: Vruschik09/29/192612/24/1928
Sagittarius: Dhanu12/24/192804/11/1931
Capricorn: Makara04/11/193112/24/1931
Capricorn: Makara12/24/193103/15/1934
Aquarius: Kumbha03/15/193412/07/1934
Aquarius: Kumbha12/07/193402/25/1937
Pisces: Meena02/25/193704/27/1939
Aries: Mesha04/27/193906/18/1941
Taurus: Vrushabh06/18/194103/03/1942
Sign Start: Vrizabha03/03/194208/05/1943
Gemini: Mithun08/05/194304/23/1944
Gemini: Mithun04/23/194409/22/1945
Cancer: Karkata09/22/194506/08/1946
Cancer: Karkata06/08/194607/26/1948
Leo: Simha07/26/194809/19/1950
Virgo: Kanya09/19/195011/25/1952
Libra: Thula11/25/195208/20/1953
Libra: Thula08/20/195311/11/1955
Scorpio: Vruschik11/11/195502/07/1958
Sagittarius: Dhanu02/07/195811/07/1958
Sagittarius: Dhanu11/07/195802/01/1961
Capricorn: Makara02/01/196110/07/1961
Capricorn: Makara10/07/196101/27/1964
Aquarius: Kumbha01/27/196404/08/1966
Pisces: Meena04/08/196612/19/1966
Pisces: Meena12/19/196606/16/1968
Pisces: Mesha06/16/196803/07/1969
Pisces: Mesha03/07/196904/27/1971
Taurus: Vrushabh04/27/197106/10/1973
Gemini: Mithun06/10/197307/23/1975
Cancer: Karkata07/23/197509/06/1977
Leo: Simha09/06/197711/03/1979
Virgo: Kanya11/03/197907/26/1980
Virgo: Kanya07/26/198010/05/1982
Libra: Thula10/05/198212/20/1984
Scorpio: Vruschik12/20/198409/16/1985
Scorpio: Vruschik09/16/198512/16/1987
Sagittarius: Dhanu12/16/198703/20/1990
Capricorn: Makara03/20/199012/14/1990
Capricorn: Makara12/14/199003/05/1993
Aquarius: Kumbha03/05/199311/09/1993
Aquarius: Kumbha11/09/199306/01/1995
Pisces: Meena06/01/199502/16/1996
Pisces: Meena02/16/199604/17/1998
Aries: Mesha04/17/199806/06/2000
Saturn Transits for 2000-2099
Taurus: Vrishabh06/06/200007/22/2002
Gemini: Mithun07/22/200204/07/2003
Gemini: Mithun04/07/200309/05/2004
Canser: Karkata09/05/200405/25/2005
Cancer: Karkata05/25/200510/31/2006
Leo: Simha10/31/200607/15/2007
Leo: Simha07/15/200709/09/2009
Virgo: Kanya09/09/200911/14/2011
Libra: Thula11/14/201108/03/2012
Libra: Thula08/03/201211/02/2014
Scorpio: Vriuschik11/02/201401/26/2017
Sagittarius: Dhanu01/26/201710/26/2017
Sagittarius: Dhanu10/26/201701/23/2020
Capricorn: Makara01/24/202004/28/2022
Aquarius: Kumbha04/28/202201/17/2023
Aquarius: Kumbha01/17/202303/29/2025
Pisces: Meena03/29/202506/02/2027
Aries: Mesha06/02/202702/23/2028
Aries: Mesha02/23/202808/08/2029
Taurus: Vrishabh08/08/202904/16/2030
Taurus: Vrishabh04/16/203005/30/2032
Gemini: Mithun05/30/203207/12/2034
Cancer: Karkata07/12/203408/27/2036
Leo: Simha08/27/203610/22/2038
Virgo: Kanya10/22/203807/12/2039
Virgo: Kanya07/12/203901/27/2041
Libra: Thula01/27/204109/25/2041
Libra: Thula09/25/204112/11/2043
Scorpio: Vruschik12/11/204308/29/2044
Scorpio: Vruschik08/29/204412/07/2046
Sagittarius: Dhanu12/07/204603/06/2049
Capricorn: Makara03/06/204912/03/2049
Capricorn: Makara12/03/204902/24/2052
Aquarius: Kumbha02/24/205205/14/2054
Pisces: Meena05/14/205402/05/2055
Pisces: Meena02/05/205504/06/2057
Aries: Mesha04/06/205705/27/2059
Taurus: Vrizabha05/27/205907/10/2061
Gemini: Mithun07/10/206103/06/2062
Gemini: Mithun03/06/206208/23/2063
Cancer: Karkata08/23/206305/09/2064
Cancer: Karkata05/09/206410/12/2065
Leo: Simha10/12/206507/02/2066
Leo: Simha07/02/206608/29/2068
Virgo: Kanya08/29/206811/04/2070
Libra: Thula11/04/207002/05/2073
Scorpio: Vruschik02/05/207310/23/2073
Scorpio: Vruschik10/23/207301/16/2076
Sagittarius: Dhanu01/16/207610/11/2076
Sagittarius: Dhanu10/11/207601/14/2079
Capricorn: Makara01/14/207904/11/2081
Aquarius: Kumbha04/11/208101/06/2082
Aquarius: Kumbha01/06/208203/19/2084
Pisces: Meena03/19/208405/21/2086
Aries: Mesha05/21/208602/07/2087
Aries: Mesha02/07/208707/17/2088
Taurus: Vrushabh07/17/208804/05/2089
Taurus: Vrushabh04/05/208909/18/2090
Gemini: Mithun09/18/209005/20/2091
Gemini: Mithun05/20/209107/02/2093
Cancer: Karkata07/02/209308/18/2095
Leo: Simha08/18/209510/11/2097
Virgo: Kanya10/11/209706/19/2098
Virgo: Kanya06/19/209812/25/2099
Libra: Thula12/25/2099 
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Saturn is considered to be a malefic planet. Also, Saturn is a slow moving planet. Hence the effect of its transits is long lasting. This is why, transits of Saturn (also known as Gochar of Saturn) are of utmost importance in Vedic astrology.

Transit of Saturn over natal moon is called ‘Sadesati’. This occurs once in every 30 years. Sadesati is a topic of concern and studied by many renowned astrologers. In a average human life, one encounters 3 Sadesatis.