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Planets in Astrology


12 Houses in Horoscope (astrology)

1st House2nd House3rd House4th House
5th House6th House7th House8th House
9th House10th House11th House 12th House
  • Upachay Sthana
  • Badhak Sthana
  • Marak Sthana

12 Zodiac signs in Astrology


27 (+1) Nakshatras in Astrology

Aridra or Ardra
Poorva Phalguni
Uttara Phalguni
Shatataraka or Shatibhisha

Elements in Astrology

Fire (Agni)Earth (Pruthvi)Wind (Vayu)
Water (Jal)Sky (Aakash)

Transit of Planets

Divisional Charts

Navamsha , Dashamsha
64th Navamsha , 22nd Drekkana

Analyzing Horoscope

Analyzing Horoscope for Relationships

Astrology Online Resources

Gemstones in Astrology

Ruby (Manik)Pearl (Moti)Coral (Moonga)Emerald (Panna)Yellow Saphhire (Pushkaraj)Diamond (Heera)Blue Saphhire (Neelam), Hessonite (Gomedha), Cat’s Eye (Lasuniya)

Effect of Planets in 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun in 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun in AriesSun in TaurusSun in Gemini
Sun in CancerSun in LeoSun in Virgo
Sun in LibraSun in ScorpioSun in Sagittarius
Sun in CapricornSun in AquariusSun in Pisces

Moon in 12 Zodiac Signs

Moon in AriesMoon in TaurusMoon in Gemini
Moon in CancerMoon in LeoMoon in Virgo
Moon in LibraMoon in ScorpioMoon in Sagittarius
Moon in Capricorn Moon in Aquarius Moon in Pisces

Mercury in 12 Zodiac Signs

Mercury in AriesMercury in TaurusMercury in Gemini
Mercury in CancerMercury in LeoMercury in Virgo
Mercury in LibraMercury in ScorpioMercury in Sagittarius
Mercury in CapricornMercury in AquariusMercury in Pisces

Mars in 12 Zodiac Signs

Mars in AriesMars in Taurus Mars in Gemini
Mars in Cancer Mars in Leo Mars in Virgo
Mars in Libra Mars in Scorpio Mars in Sagittarius
Mars in Capricorn Mars in Aquarius Mars in Pisces

Venus in 12 Zodiac Signs

Venus in AriesVenus in TaurusVenus in Gemini
Venus in CancerVenus in LeoVenus in Virgo
Venus in LibraVenus in ScorpioVenus in Sagittarius
Venus in CapricornVenus in AquariusVenus in Pisces

Jupiter in 12 Zodiac Signs

Jupiter in AriesJupiter in TaurusJupiter in Gemini
Jupiter in CancerJupiter in LeoJupiter in Virgo
Jupiter in LibraJupiter in ScorpioJupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter in CapricornJupiter in AquariusJupiter in Pisces

Saturn in 12 Zodiac Signs

Saturn in Aries Saturn in Taurus Saturn in Gemini
Saturn in Cancer Saturn in Leo Saturn in Virgo
Saturn in Libra Saturn in Scorpio Saturn in Sagittarius
Saturn in Capricorn Saturn in Aquarius Saturn in Pisces

Rahu in 12 Zodiac Signs

Rahu in Aries Rahu in Taurus Rahu in Gemini
Rahu in Cancer Rahu in Leo Rahu in Virgo
Rahu in Libra Rahu in Scorpio Rahu in Sagittarius
Rahu in Capricron Rahu in Aquarius Rahu in Pisces

Ketu in 12 Zodiac Signs

Ketu in Aries Ketu in Taurus Ketu in Gemini
Ketu in Cancer Ketu in Leo Ketu in Virgo
Ketu in Libra Ketu in Scorpio Ketu in Sagittarius
Ketu in Capricorn Ketu in Aquarius Ketu in Pisces

Uranus in 12 Zodiac Signs

Uranus in Aries Uranus in Taurus Uranus in Gemini
Uranus in Cancer Uranus in Leo Uranus in Virgo
Uranus in Libra Uranus in Scorpio Uranus in Sagittarius
Uranus in Capricorn Uranus in Aquarius Uranus in Pisces

Neptune in 12 Zodiac Signs

Neptune in Aries Neptune in Taurus Neptune in Gemini
Neptune in Cancer Neptune in Leo Neptune in Virgo
Neptune in Libra Neptune in Scorpio Neptune in Sagittarius
Neptune in Capricorn Neptune in Aquarius Neptune in Pisces

Pluto in 12 Zodiac Signs

Pluto in Aries Pluto in Taurus Pluto in Gemini
Pluto in Cancer Pluto in Leo Pluto in Virgo
Pluto in Libra Pluto in Scorpio Pluto in Sagittarius
Pluto in Capricorn Pluto in Aquarius Pluto in Pisces

Effect of Planets in 12 Houses in Horoscope

Sun in 12 houses in Horoscope

Sun in 1st house Sun in 2nd house Sun in 3rd house
Sun in 4th house Sun in 5th house Sun in 6th house
Sun in 7th House Sun in 8th house Sun in 9th house
Sun in 10th house Sun in 11th house Sun in 12th house

Moon in 12 houses in Horoscope

Moon in 1st house Moon in 2nd house Moon in 3rd house
Moon in 4th house Moon in 5th house Moon in 6th house
Moon in Seventh HouseMoon in 8th houseMoon in 9th house
Moon in 10th house Moon in 11th house Moon in 12th house

Mercury in 12 houses in Horoscope

Mercury in 1st house Mercury in 2nd house Mercury in 3rd house
Mercury in 4th house Mercury in 5th house Mercury in 6th house
Mercury in 7th House Mercury in 8th house Mercury in 9th house
Mercury in 10th house Mercury in 11th house Mercury in 12th house

Mars in 12 houses in Horoscope

Mars in 1st house Mars in 2nd house Mars in 3rd house
Mars in 4th house Mars in 5th house Mars in 6th house
Mars in 7th House Mars in 8th house Mars in 9th house
Mars in 10th house Mars in 11th house Mars in 12th house

Venus in 12 houses in Horoscope

Venus in 1st house Venus in 2nd house Venus in 3rd house
Venus in 4th house Venus in 5th house Venus in 6th house
Venus in 7th House Venus in 8th house Venus in 9th house
Venus in 10th house Venus in 11th house Venus in 12th house

Jupiter in 12 houses in Horoscope

Jupiter in 1st house Jupiter in 2nd house Jupiter in 3rd house
Jupiter in 4th house Jupiter in 5th house Jupiter in 6th house
Jupiter in 7th House Jupiter in 8th house Jupiter in 9th house
Jupiter in 10th house Jupiter in 11th house Jupiter in 12th house

Saturn in 12 houses in Horoscope

Saturn in 1st HouseSaturn in 2nd HouseSaturn in 3rd House
Saturn in 4th House, Saturn in 5th HouseSaturn in 6th House
Saturn in Seventh House
Saturn in 7th House
Saturn in 8th HouseSaturn in 9th House
Saturn in 10th HouseSaturn in 11th HouseSaturn in 12th House

Rahu in 12 houses in Horoscope

Rahu in 1st house Rahu in 2nd house Rahu in 3rd house
Rahu in 4th house Rahu in 5th house Rahu in 6th house
Rahu in 7th house Rahu in 8th house Rahu in 9th house
Rahu in 10th house Rahu in 11th house Rahu in 12th house

Ketu in 12 houses in Horoscope

Ketu in 1st house Ketu in 2nd house Ketu in 3rd house
Ketu in 4th house Ketu in 5th house Ketu in 6th house
Ketu in 7th house Ketu in 8th house Ketu in 9th house
Ketu in 10th house Ketu in 11th house Ketu in 12th house

Uranus in 12 houses in Horoscope

Uranus in 1st house Uranus in 2nd house Uranus in 3rd house
Uranus in 4th house Uranus in 5th house Uranus in 6th house
Uranus in 7th House Uranus in 8th house Uranus in 9th house
Uranus in 10th house Uranus in 11th house Uranus in 12th house

Neptune in 12 houses in Horoscope

Neptune in 1st house Neptune in 2nd house Neptune in 3rd house
Neptune in 4th house Neptune in 5th house Neptune in 6th house
Neptune in 7th House Neptune in 8th house Neptune in 9th house
Neptune in 10th house Neptune in 11th house Neptune in 12th house

Pluto in 12 houses in Horoscope

Pluto in 1st house Pluto in 2nd house Pluto in 3rd house
Pluto in 4th house Pluto in 5th house Pluto in 6th house
Pluto in 7th House Pluto in 8th house Pluto in 9th house
Pluto in 10th house Pluto in 11th house Pluto in 12th house

How to become a Good Astrologer 

1. Study Vedic Astrology methodically. Get your basics clear. Join an astrology course and write exams. Getting your basics very well in place will take you 2 years. Don’t be in a rush. Half knowledge in astrology can prove to be dangerous.
2. Select a subject and do research. Graph your results. Do your research under the guidance of a teacher.
3. For Prashna Kundali, learn KP Astrology (Krishnamurthy Paddhati). I would strongly recommend that you first have building blocks of vedic astrology in place.
4. Going a step further, get the basics of Numerology and Palmistry.
5. Practice, Practice, Practice !! Solve a lot if Kundalis. The more you solve, better insight you will get.
6. Join online astrology forums. 
This would make you an all round Astrologer.
7. When studying Astrology, keep your own kundali aside. If you are too involved in your own kundali, you will not be able to study other kundalis well.
8. Last but not the least ‘Be Sincere and Have a Pure heart’. On a lighter note: A person with good analytical mind can become a good astrologer. This makes ‘Software Engineers good candidates for studying astrology.

!! Shubham Bhavatu !!

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