Mercury in Aries or Mesha in a Horoscope

The position of Mercury in the signs of the zodiac shows: how the characteristic features of the sign appear in thinking and communication; the number of problems that the owner of the horoscope is forced to deal with; directs all creative forces in a certain direction, for Mercury is the master of all thought processes; shows psychological inclinations that determine the ability to make decisions and communicate their thoughts out loud; indicates what information and what facts the individual takes into account and considers important, and which does not notice.

A decisive and ambitious way of thinking, speed of thought and quick wit, willingly argue and argue, keen observation and therefore an irrepressible thirst for criticism, many original ideas, but can be too impulsive if you need to make a decision. Eager zeal in learning foreign languages, nervousness, if the material is not immediately grasped. They consider themselves smarter than they really are. Biased, impatient, do not always finish the job.

You are a direct person, always willingly, clearly, without undue timidity. Express your ideas and opinions. You like to go against the majority opinion in order to make a small buzz. You have fresh, original ideas and a lot of enthusiasm for everything new and untested. But as soon as the novelty disappears, you start to be interested in another new idea or topic. It seems that you do not have enough time to fulfill everything desired. You are an honest and frank person, talk about what you believe, decisively and confidently. You are not capable of feigned consent and experience some difficulties in talking and behaving tactfully with people.

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