Mercury in Gemini or Mithuna in a Horoscope

Fast reaction and susceptibility. Journalistic abilities, good art critics, abilities for mediation and undercover work. Eloquence of the highest brand, but also talkativeness with witty remarks. Brilliant ideas, the ability to sharp scientific thinking. Extremely sensitive nervous system, inability to isolate oneself from external stimuli, the ability to double thoughts (and yes and no at the same time). They need periodic loneliness to calm the nervous system. Curious, do not finish the job.

You have an exceptionally fast, lively, capable of wide coverage mind, an impressive range of interests. You have a greedy, inexhaustible interest in life, are swift in assimilating new ideas, but as soon as curiosity is satisfied, your interest goes out just as quickly. The ability to concentrate and methodically, step by step, to do something is not one of your strongest qualities. You have a restless mind, which may be why you often change jobs or places of residence, or work where movement, moving, and diversity are required. You just have to taste a little of everything.

You have a very developed sense of language, style, you feel the wordplay, interestingly speak, write, teach. They listen to you and read. You are willing to meet new people, talk to them. You have a good understanding with the audience.

Trade, advertising, all kinds of contacts, journalism, working as a literary agent or impresario – these are the areas where you will succeed. The ability to own a word, communicate with people is one of your strengths.

Typical diseases: nerve pain in the shoulders, arms and hands, bronchitis, respiratory defects

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