Mercury in Scorpio or Vruschika in a Horoscope

Insight. They speak sharply, not sparing the feelings of others. Plans and projects are being implemented secretly. They are biased when it comes to them personally, as emotions interfere. They are distinguished by decisiveness, determination and a wealth of ideas. Suspicious and merciless, cunning and critical mind. Able to overcome insurmountable resistance. Good detectives, investigators and researchers.

You have the ability to fully immerse yourself in work. It seems that you understand everything you need intuitively, without words. Prefer visual training from master to apprentice, rather than through books or lectures. You have the ability to copy, light, skillful hands. You can make a good sculptor, potter, carpenter, master of stained glass. You are also interested in biology (and related areas). You intuitively make contact with animals, and sometimes it’s easier for you to handle them than with people. You tend to lock yourself in a narrow professional circle, and you become an interesting conversationalist, unless the conversation goes beyond the scope of your specialty. Genital diseases, neuralgia are characteristic.

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