Mercury in Sagittarius or Dhanu in a Horoscope

Serious philosophical thinking, a great interest in religion, often act as missionaries. They like to transfer knowledge, love to study and dream of foreign countries. They pay little attention to facts, but they can be clairvoyant and reveal the fate of the masses. They express themselves accurately and say what they think, but their thoughts rarely coincide with traditional views and generally accepted morality, therefore they are respected in the team. But this can lead to hypocrisy. They love to work in universities, churches, and government. Their goal is to achieve authority and position. They tend to read sermons about common truths. Sometimes they tend to build castles in the air.

You have the ability of vision and foresight. Your mind, often busy with big ideas, plans, goals, is directed to the future. You are interested in what is possible, what looms on the horizon, and not what has already been done. You are interested in philosophy, religion, politics, education. You are more interested in theories and ideas than applying them in practice. You are not inclined to focus your attention on any one practical, specific field; you are bored with details and subtleties. You have a gambler intuition. You take pleasure in risky undertakings, from work in a previously unfamiliar area. Private enterprise, advertising, the work of a literary agent or impressionar – these are the areas where you can show yourself. Typical diseases: sciatica, neurosis.

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