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Family Oriented

Cancer Zodiac Dates: June 21 to July 21

People born from   June 21 to July 21 have Cancer as their zodiac sign.

People born on 21st June are in cup of Cancer and Gemini. This means, they have personality traits of both Cancer and Gemini.

People born on 21st July are in cusp of Cancer and Leo. This means, they have personality traits of both Cancer and Leo.

Cancer Quick Facts

Cancer Zodiac SignCancer
Cancer Zodiac SymbolCrab
Cancer Zodiac PlanetMoon
Cancer Zodiac ElementWater
Cancer Zodiac Lucky dayMonday
Cancer Zodiac Lucky Colors White, Silver
Cancer Zodiac Numbers 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25
Cancer Zodiac Birthstone Moonstone, Pearl
Cancer Zodiac CompatibilityMost Compatible with Scorpio and Pisces
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Cancer Zodiac Personality

Cancer Zodiac Positive Traits:

  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Protective
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Family Oriented
  • Generous

Cancer Zodiac Negative Traits:

  • Moody
  • sensitive
  • Sometimes Vindictive
  • Suspicious
  • Insecure
  • Pessimistic

Cancer Personality Traits:

1. Always keep the defense, but the sensitivity is off scale

Outwardly, Cancers seem to be rather closed and often behave unapproachably, but on the inside they are very soft and sensitive. It seems that astrology hints at this particular feature of their character, calling this sign of the zodiac Cancer, because the most harmless creature is hiding behind a hard shell with terrible claws.

They rarely let someone into their heart, but those to whom they truly opened up will be surprised at their passionate nature!

2. Capricious, like children

Cancers are under the auspices of the Moon, and this is, as you know, the female planet. It was the Moon that endowed this sign of the Zodiac with such variability, because its phases change each other all the time, and with them the mood of Cancers also changes. 

Therefore, believe me, Cancers are not at all capricious on purpose, and indeed often they themselves cannot understand what they want!

3. Crave stability

As a result – Cancers subconsciously seek stability outside, and always try to “join” a more balanced personality. The most important thing for Cancers is to feel support and acceptance from their family. This is what nourishes and fills them, gives a feeling of stability and reliability.

4. Cancers are chronic couch potatoes

People of this zodiac sign are the perfect couple for couch potatoes. Their home is their fortress, and it is not easy to lure them out of there. Cancers are introverts by nature: they prefer to stay at home and watch their favorite movie under the wing of their beloved.

5. They hate conflict

And all because of their hypersensitivity. The fact is that every word literally penetrates them into the very heart, therefore they simply cannot stand abuse and scandals. If a conflict is inevitable, then most often Cancers simply hide in their “shell”, because they simply cannot bear such an intensity of negativity.

6. They are perfect friends and partners.

Cancers are extremely sensitive personalities, they know how to empathize, and will never listen to you “for the sake of a tick.” They also have a completely unique ability to see the very best in people. This is what makes them irreplaceable friends, because everyone wants to bask in the rays of a warm, understanding Cancer.

7. Skillful manipulators

Cancers can manipulate like no one else! Being very intuitive, they literally read people and know exactly their strengths and weaknesses. This is what helps them to press the necessary “keys” and control you imperceptibly. Often this is what helps Cancers to smooth out emerging conflicts.

8. Love comes first for them

Cancers are one of the best partners for life: they will stand up for a loved one, because the family is sacred to them. Love for these guys, first of all, is an action, and in addition to care and attention, Cancer will prove his feelings with his actions.

9. Living in the past

The fact is that Cancers are terribly sentimental, and all the time they compare the present with the past, recalling, of course, the best moments. Often it is memories that give Cancers the strength to move forward in life, especially when a wave of uncertainty rolls over them.

10. Extremely tenacious

Despite their vulnerable nature, Cancers are able to survive in any conditions. They are strong, resilient, and able to overcome difficulties using their shell as intended. In extreme conditions, Cancers know how to instantly mobilize: they think clearly, find alternative ways out and act very decisively.

11. It’s hard for them to let go …

Cancers are very attached to people, and separation is a real disaster for them. It is very difficult for them to let go of anything: from favorite things to people … Cancers are sure that it will not be better than it was already, and often this is what prevents them from seeing something more standing around!

Cancer Zodiac Symbol

The astrological symbol for Cancer is a crab. Crabs are able to run or walk sideways. Similarly, Cancer individuals can at times “move around” in life, in an indirect manner. Also, crabs’ body is covered by their hard shell. Therefore, Cancer individuals usually are sensitive, self-protected, and when hurt, they usually hide in themselves.

Cancer man

The Cancer man is the most romantic and tender man in the whole Zodiac. When he loves, the Cancer man does it without reservation. 
In general, Cancer man wants women who have the same character traits as him: indulgence, tenderness, romance. Often, the Cancer man chooses a partner who seems to dominate him.

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Cancer woman

Without being very passionate, the Cancer woman is looking for a partner to love, and to be faithful to. There are great sacrifices for the choice of the heart, sometimes in secret. 
If there are dissonant aspects in the natal horoscope, the Cancer woman will have a nervous and capricious nature. Do not try to make her ironic if she keeps some objects from childhood, because she is very fond of them!

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Cancer Physical Traits

Physical traits which Cancer individuals possess are brown hair, tan complexion, well-defined face, average or below average height, athletic body and short legs. Having an athletic body, this builds up the confidence of Cancer individuals and allows them to be strong people.

They are also known to possess a well proportioned body which compliments both the upper and lower body giving them a rather attractive athletic look.

Professions Suitable for Cancer

Cancer individuals possess abilities which allow them to fit in a range of careers. Because they are interested in the thinking of other people, they might do well being politicians, writers or journalists.

They also might do well in the public sector with careers such as nursing and welfare. They too make good housekeepers and chefs due to their love of comfort and good living.

Lucky Days for Cancer

Those born under the star sign of Cancer can consider their birth dates amongst the luckiest of days for themselves. Those born between the dates of 22nd of June and 29th of June can consider the days of the new moon as their luckiest.

Those born between June 30th and July 7th can consider the second quarter of the moon as their luckiest and those born between July 8th and about July 17th can consider the time of the full moon to be their luckiest. Lastly, those born between the dates of July 18th to July 23rd can consider the moon’s fourth quarter related time as their luckiest.

Lucky Color for Cancer

The color silver is mostly associated with the star sign of Cancer.

Zodiac Signs Compatible with Cancer

Cancer is known to be compatible with certain astrological signs of the same element. This includes Pisces and Scorpio. Taurus is also often considered to be good with Cancer. 

Cancer-Aries: low compatibility

Both signs are very different in nature and this shows in the relationship. Cancer characterized by its sensitivity and its annoying approach to Aries that recognizes a marked independence, even so, more than once accepts the containment of Cancer especially in difficult times. It is the instinct of preservation and physical action.

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Cancer-Taurus: excellent compatibility

It is a totally end relationship. Cancer receives the necessary protection from its partner when it enters crisis. Taurus is a bit stubborn fully supports the need for warmth of home that Cancer needs. So this lets pass one of the whims of your partner. Respect for individualities allows a deep relationship.

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Cancer-Gemini: acceptable compatibility

There is no compatibility in this relationship. The depth and sensitivity of Cancer have nothing to do with the duality and mental attitude that tends to rationalize and minimize everything, of Gemini. The relationship is very difficult, only love and communication will allow the continuation of this relationship.

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Cancer-Cancer: good compatibility

Both signs share the same regent – The Moon – so they will be equal in their sensitivity and susceptibility. The two can share the deepest desires, but more than once the outbursts of one deeply hurt the partner, which can lead to very long periods of anger and introspection.

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Cancer-Leo: acceptable compatibility

The components of this relationship are totally opposite but nevertheless they can complement each other very well. Cancer will be able to organize his life thanks to Leo’s command power and organizational capacity, although he with his outbursts can hurt his partner very deeply. Passive and receptive cancer, abides by the provisions of your partner.

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Cancer-Virgo: excellent compatibility

In this relationship Cancer sees things through perception while Virgo does it through analysis, so the contact offers a lot of learning for both. Mood swings will be the responsibility of Cancer and changes of opinion will be in charge of Mercury.

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Cancer-Libra: low compatibility

In this relationship the signs are very badly placed, yet what they have in common is the need for dependence and to cling to situations or people. Cancer can be bothered by the comfort of Libra and he is bothered by the excessive sensitivity of Cancer, who always tries to satisfy his partner.

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Cancer-Scorpio: excellent compatibility

This relationship is marked by compatibility, where the love that arises between the two will be very passionate and intense. Cancer is fascinated by the passion that Scorpio develops in each of his acts, and Scorpio loves the capacity for containment and affection that his partner gives him. The relationship can flow naturally.

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Cancer Sagittarius: low compatibility

As for this relationship they do not have much in common. While Cancer prefers the family, since his feelings, strong enough, lead him to a great attachment to his loved ones, his partner enjoys his freedom by avoiding home life. The relationship can thrive if they integrate the emotional and intellectual path.

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Cancer-Capricorn: good compatibility

While they are opposites complement each other very well, Cancer has what his partner needs to move forward and he has what it takes to achieve Cancer’s happiness. He has sensitivity and love to accompany the characteristic organization of Capricorn at every step. Cancer brings intimacy and Capricorn the ambition to reach the goal.

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Cancer-Aquarius: low compatibility

This relationship has no compatible natures. On the one hand Cancer lives emotionally attached to everything, including the family, while Aquarius needs to feel free and totally detached from any situation or person in order to develop. It is the mixture of the traditional with the novelty, it is the conservation and renovation.

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Cancer-Pisces: excellent compatibility

This relationship is excellent since compatibility is full. Each one knows what the other needs and they help each other. They enjoy a very good intimacy. Both Cancer and Pisces constantly seek privacy, secrets and enjoy the reserved space, as a family.

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Birthstone for Cancer

Birthstone recommended for Cancer are Agate, Moonstone, Opal, Pearls. Mother of Pearl, Blue Chalcedony, Emerald and Ruby.

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Top Cancer Zodiac Personality Traits

What does Cancer Zodiac Represent in Astrology

June 21 to July 21

Originating from the constellation of Cancer, the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac is Cancer. Considered as a “feminine”, Cancer is a negative (introvert), yin sign. Cancer is one of the four cardinal sign and is also considered as a water sign.

As Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign, it is associated with the astrological 4th house. The planet Moon is also considered to be the ruler of this star sign. Individuals who are born from June 21 to July 22 are all considered to be Cancer individuals. This is according to the western zodiac or also known as the tropical zodiac.

As Cancer is associated with the astrological 4th house, Cancer individuals are more likely to be associated with their home and family, imagination, conservation and everything that cycle. There are certain Greek myths which are also closely related to the astrological sign Cancer. The Lernaean Hydra and the mythical figure of Perseus are both closely associated with Cancer.

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