Cancer Woman : Personality, Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Breakup, Positive and Negative Traits

Cancer is the fourth most prominent of the twelve star signs of the zodiac. It is an eminent and common star sign and is related to the constellation of stars, or heavenly bodies if you prefer, designated as Cancer. Located in a position of about 90 and 125.5 degrees on the celestial longitude, Cancer covers up to about 90-120th degrees of the zodiac. Those individuals that are born between the dates ranging from June 22nd to that of the 22nd of July are included in the Star sign of Cancer.

The animal symbol associated with the star sign of Cancer is that of the Crab. A nocturnal water creature, crabs possesses significant importance and notification in the world. They are used as an ample and succinct source of food, as well as being brutal fighters. With their big claws and a predisposition to aid in the endeavor to cleaning up the oceans, as a sea scavenger, crabs are worthy of praise indeed.

Cancer Woman Personality

Those born under the star sign of Cancer have a most curious and intriguing personality. Their personality is characterized as being highly emotional and sentimentally active. They also treat others or with whom they are acquainted with in a warm and loving manner. As far as the scope of their imagination is concerned, it is pretty wide and expansive. They are innovative and ingenious at times as well. Some might even say that they are overly smart and astute but the Cancer individuals complement it nicely with a bit of caution and patience on their parts. They are also known to be highly protective and compassionate towards others. On a darker note however, their personality exhibits notable aspects of possessiveness, which makes it hard for them to relinquish or let go of something. They are also susceptible to frequent mood changes and have a propensity to indulge in the act of extravagant shows of emotions. They also seem to be moody and touchy at times.

Cancer individuals are highly devoted and dedicated of lovers and hardly think of betraying their partners. They bring much to a relationship in the ways of love and compassion. Cancer individuals can consider others of their own star sign as an acceptable and compatible love partner. Leo is also a good choice.

Love life of Cancer

Many people believe in zodiac signs. So those people who are Cancerian here are some of the information based on the love life of a Cancerian. They are so shy that they do not express their feelings freely. They do not try to come close to that person whom they are attracted to and keep themselves at a little distance. They are smart enough to observe and recognize that person and then slowly narrow the distance between them if they feel that they can walk along for a long time in an actual relationship rather than a temporary one.

“Cancerians the stubborn lovers”

The Cancerians are the persons like if he/she proposes to him/her then that person will not reject him/her in the face in fact he’ll take evasive action. The Cancerians are so stubborn that if they want something they will get it. It means that they are naturally talented. If they love someone then they will definitely try so much to get that person that in the end they will not be bare handed. If the Cancerians are already committed (especially women) and another proposal arrives then they reject it, trying not to hurt that guy. 

“Soft and loyal in love”

The Cancerians are so soft hearted that whether they try to act strong and tough but still they will be attracted to a person and their heart also melt’s easily. They make up their mind quickly and get attracted easily. They are the people who can attract other people also with their charm and smartness. Cancerians are affectionate, sensual and gentle and are outstanding lovers. They try to make their partner feel that they care for them a lot. On a particular occasion they take care of every little thing and make certain that everything is perfectly alright and makes that occasion a tremendous one for their partner.    

“Moody nature spoils the relation

The major problem with them is their suddenly changing nature. They are really moody people. Others can never be certain about their nature, even they themselves are not that what they can do and how they can behave at a particular moment. If their mood is not right they say some bad things which might give a negative impact on the people and spoil the evening. The Cancerians are the one who have a good memory and the way to control their temper is just to guard their tongue otherwise there is no other way out. Their lovers understand their feelings the most and they forgive and forget easily.

“Loving and caring character”

The Cancerians are those kind of people that if they do not get that person whom they love then they get really depressed and tensed. They are really loving and possessive about their lovers. They cannot tolerate them with any other guy or girl means they are a little bit jealous kind of people. Cancerians are true, loyal and sincere lovers. Their love is a deep and compassionate one. When they fall in love with someone they never hurt them intentionally or unintentionally. They care for each other a lot. 

Cancer Female Celebs

There are many female celebrities that fall into the category of the Caner zodiac sign. Some of them are Liv Tylar, Selma Blair, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Diane Kruger and Anna Friel.

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